Oct 092014
Three Hilarious, Awkward Moments in Slasher Movie History

In 1978, John Carpenter released an independent horror movie titled Halloween. Stylish, creepy, and original, Halloween terrorized audiences and packed movie theaters for several months, the popularity fueled largely by word of mouth. Halloween became one of the most successful independent movies ever released, and the slasher era was born. Riding the coattails of John […]

Oct 012014

The crossover between fans of horror fiction and heavy metal music is significant and always will be. The same rush that one gets from the suspenseful passages of Stephen King’s IT can also be experienced in a dark riff. The same rebellious energy which drives us to raise the horns also seeks the escapist thrill […]

Sep 282014
The Shining: Stephen King vs Stanley Kubrick

Today we take the gloves off. The Shining (Stephen King, 1977) is largely considered one of the most frightening novels ever written. The Shining (Director Stanley Kubrick, 1980) is certainly one of the scariest movies ever made, a classic chiller from one of the great eras in horror movie history. But that is where the […]