Nov 182015

Dark Vanishings Book 4 - 384Dark Vanishings 4, the climactic finale to the Dark Vanishings series, is available now on Amazon. Dark Vanishings 4 is the most tense, action-packed story in the post-apocalyptic horror series.

Can Tori withstand the evil of Victor Lupan? Where will Ricky go after escaping the Florida Bliss compound? Who is the mysterious man who claims to be Blake’s father, and where did he come from?

With an exciting and satisfying climax, Dark Vanishings 4 breaks new ground in post-apocalyptic horror.

Uniquely combining elements of dark fantasy and adventure against a horror backdrop, Dark Vanishings has quickly made its mark on the Amazon charts, where it has appeared in the Top-20 for U.S. Horror.


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