Sep 072014

Storberry Vampire NovelHey everyone. I hope you are all having an excellent weekend. For those of you who are football fans – happy first week of the NFL!

Dane at EBook Launch redesigned the cover art for Storberry, and it looks terrific. I can’t thank him enough for the fast turnaround (48 hours), and the excellent final product.

EBook Launch provided me with two mockups to choose from. Both covers were very good, but the cover I chose for Storberry nailed the storyline perfectly.

If you are a fellow self-publishing author, I recommend you consider a professional graphic designer to do your cover art. There are many good choices, and EBook Launch is surely one of them.

By the way, I am currently running a sale at Amazon: Storberry for only $2.99! This sale might not last long, so if you are thinking about downloading, now is the time.

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