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Readers often tell me they only need a page or two to decide my brand of horror is right for them. If so, I am truly humbled. And good news – I’m running a special offer on Kindle e-books. For a limited time, grab The Face of Midnight at a generous 65% discount over the print price.


Becca is homeless, but she sleeps in the finest homes.

She might even be sleeping in your bed right now.

But danger is closing in on Becca. New York’s most-feared serial killer, The Midnight Killer, is butchering victims on his way across the state.

After Becca flees from a deranged stalker, she takes shelter inside an abandoned farmhouse. Something evil lurks within the house, and a freak October storm has trapped Becca inside.

And it’s Halloween Night.

Pick up this terrifying dark horror novel today!

PRINT PRICE: $11.99   KINDLE PRICE: $3.99   SAVINGS: 67%