Who’s the Doofy Guy on YouTube?

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That would be me. You might be wondering why I’m on YouTube. Good question. After all, I specialize in the written word. I can express myself better in a video, and you get to see my mug, so it’s clearly win-win. In my latest entry, I read an excerpt from my novel, Crawlspace. In the […]

The Funhouse – Tobe Hooper

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“When you’re stoned, Charles Manson is a terrific guy.” – The Funhouse I dare you to come up with a better setting for a slasher horror movie than the inside of a funhouse after the carnival shuts down for the night. I double-dare you. Throw in direction by the man who brought the world The […]

Black Christmas (1974)

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Proto-slasher, Black Christmas (also released as Silent Night, Evil Night, and Stranger in the House), was directed by the late Bob Clark and deserves mention alongside the greatest horror movies of the 1970’s and 1980’s. Clark also directed A Christmas Story, making him the only director in movie history to bring to screen one of […]