He Knows You’re Alone

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“Come on. Let’s do it on the table.” He Knows You’re Alone (1980) is a straight-forward slasher that tries really, really hard to be Halloween. So hard that everything from the set pieces to the steady-walking killer seem pulled from Carpenter’s classic. Don’t automatically label He Knows You’re Alone as a copycat hack. Directed by […]

Hatchet (2006)

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My initial reaction to Adam Green’s slasher homage, Hatchet (2006), was confusion. The highly anticipated horror release was promoted as a return to 1980s horror, and I was not the only fan breathlessly waiting to see what Green would deliver. Hatchet is hardly straight horror. The comedy angle is hit very hard throughout, but don’t […]

Three Hilarious, Awkward Moments in Slasher Movie History

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In 1978, John Carpenter released an independent horror movie titled Halloween. Stylish, creepy, and original, Halloween terrorized audiences and packed movie theaters for several months, the popularity fueled largely by word of mouth. Halloween became one of the most successful independent movies ever released, and the slasher era was born. Riding the coattails of John […]