Nov 092016


The Face of Midnight Released – 99 cents

The Face of Midnight is available for sale NOW on Amazon. As promised, the Kindle price is only 99 cents for newsletter subscribers. But hurry…the price will increase soon.

Fans of Richard Laymon and early Jack Ketchum will especially love The Face of Midnight, one of my darkest novels to date.

From the Back Cover

Becca is homeless, but she sleeps in the finest neighborhood houses. She knows when you’re home and when you’re away. She might even be sleeping in your bed now. Danger, however, is closing in on Becca.

New York’s most-feared murderer, The Midnight Killer, is butchering victims on his way across the state. He’s getting closer to Becca every day.

When Becca and her friend, Steve, flee from a deranged man in Barton Falls, they take shelter inside an abandoned farmhouse on the edge of town. But something evil lurks within the house, and a freak October storm has trapped Becca and Steve inside.

And it’s Halloween Night.

Download The Face of Midnight

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