Aug 112015

Dark Vanishings movieIn my post-apocalyptic horror series, Dark Vanishings, no one lays the smack down quite like Viper. Today, you get to decide who should play Viper in a movie version of Dark Vanishings.


The Tale of the Tape: Viper

Real Name: Charles Sanderson

Age: 44

Bald-head, cold-blue eyes.

Bounty hunter from the Kansas plains.

Likes to ride motorcycles and lay the smack down.


So which bald-headed bad-ass do you think should play Viper in a Dark Vanishings movie?

Got a write-in candidate? Tell me!

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  2 Responses to “Who Should Play Viper in a Dark Vanishings Movie?”

  1. I think he should have hair and be played by Sam Elliott!

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