Earnings Report: November 2020

I set personal records for monthly profit ($7939), KDP revenue ($9729), and page reads (1.67 million). Except for a few predictably slow days around Thanksgiving, sales and KU page reads remained consistent all month.

There were no new releases in November. But the late-October release of the last book in my Darkwater Cove thriller series stayed strong all November and helped drive sales of book one.

Her Last Breath, book one in my new Wolf Lake thriller series, hits Amazon on December 9. A new series, a new revenue stream, and another opportunity to reach readers. My ambitious publishing schedule has me releasing a new book in this series every 45-50 days.

Things I need to work on

Audible sales continue to flounder despite my efforts to give out every available free code. And ACX has yet to review the audiobook I finalized on October 11, so I’m pulling back on audio efforts for now and will consider Findaway Voices for future productions.

I haven’t put enough effort into international AMS and Facebook ads and need to step up my game. My revenue is too US-centric.

Next goals – $10K revenue and $8K profit in one month. I’m very close and know I can do this.

Now, it’s your turn

If anyone wonders – “Can I do this too?” Yes, you absolutely can. In November 2019, I earned $1165 in revenue and $480 in profit. I increased my monthly profit by 16.5x over one year, and that can be your 2021…if you want it bad enough. 

I’ll do my part and post new “advice for writers” articles in the coming months. Hang in there. We’ll learn together.

I recommend fellow authors join the 20Booksto50K Facebook group. After you join, read the repository of top posts, take lots of notes, and ask questions. 

What are your writing goals for 2021?

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