Facebook Doesn’t Want You to See My Posts

I’ve had it with Facebook

Facebook Sucks

Between the political bickering and advertisements sullying my feed, I find little redeeming value in the Facebook social media platform as of late. But if you think Facebook is terrible for keeping up with friends and family, try running a business.

Like most authors, I have a “fan page” on Facebook. The fan page allows me to separate my writing business from my daily life – the latter reserved for close friends and family – while keeping readers informed of my latest projects, running giveaways, etc. The problem is Facebook hides fan pages from your personal Facebook feed, believing you would be better served to read posts from your friends list.

On the face of it, Facebook appears to be looking out for its users. After all, seeing posts from your friends and family is cool, even if a few of them post lame memes and argue too much about Beltway issues. But here are the problems:

  1. Instead of seeing posts from fan pages you chose to follow, you see paid advertisements from businesses you might not care about. So much for posts by your friends and family.
  2. YOU chose to follow a fan page because the page interested you, and now Facebook is deciding what is best for you. What the hell?

I recently looked up the various Facebook fan pages I follow and was amazed. I’d completely forgotten I’d followed those pages – authors such as Joe Hill and Dean Koontz, bands like Tool and Clutch. Sometime over the last several months Facebook decided I shouldn’t see posts from pages I chose to follow, and I completely forgot about them.

Sharing my personal experience as an author, a few years ago I had a mere 200 followers on my fan page. If I wrote an engaging post (sharing a book release, announcing a giveaway), I tended to reach at least 100-150 people. Today I have over 1000 followers and my reach is basically the same as it was two years ago. Now Facebook wants me to pay to build my followers. Why on earth would I do that when Facebook won’t let my followers see anything I write?

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate so many of you enjoy my books and decided to follow my fan page. But I’ve reached the point where posting to my Facebook author page is almost a complete waste of time, as Facebook will hide my posts from the vast majority of you.

While I’m not giving up my Facebook fan page entirely, I plan to post much less frequently in the future and may one day abandon the platform.

How You Can Interact With Me

The best way to keep in touch with me and stay up to date on projects and novel releases is to join my VIP newsletter. Don’t worry – I won’t fill up your inbox. I usually send one email per month or when a new release hits the streets. My newsletters include giveaways and member-only sales, and provide you with a great way to correspond with me. Plus you get Dark Vanishings for free as my way of saying, “Thank you.”

You will also find me on Twitter, where I interact with readers and act the fool. Twitter may eventually adopt the Facebook mentality and hide my Tweets from you. So far Twitter believes you have a right to see posts from people you choose to follow, which is why I support Twitter over Facebook.

Does Facebook frustrate you? Feel free to leave your comments below. But please refrain from too many expletives. My mom reads this stuff.



5 thoughts on “Facebook Doesn’t Want You to See My Posts

  1. I understand. But like Terry, I see your posts. Twitter actually sends me alerts that let me know what you have tweeted, so I’m down with Twitter.

  2. I dont facebook…i mean i have one so i can free shit on my android games…but i dont use it. Its terrible. Im sorry that you have to. I stopped responding to friends and family years ago..oops. and i couldnr tell you the last request i approved. Doesnt stop them from coming in..but if u cared to talk with old friends from high school or whatever the case may be..id be doing. Facebood friends. Funy. Anyway. I wont be joining your fan page but super happy to subscribe to your newsletter. See im even reading old blog posts and just fyi so far i like your style. Cant wait to read more.

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