Project Update and Upcoming Mystery and Thriller Releases

Project Update: February 7
The next Wolf Lake Thriller, “Gone”, is ready for publication on February 25. Thank you to my editor and proofreaders for making this the best Wolf Lake mystery yet. I know you’ll love this one.
The manuscript for “The Stolen”, Logan and Scarlett book two, is finished and in my editor’s hands. “The Stolen” will be ready for you to read on April 21.
“The Bone Forest” will continue the Wolf Lake mystery and thriller series. I already fleshed out the storylines. My expectation is the manuscript will be ready for my editor in early April, with the book releasing this summer.
As always, I’ll keep you updated on upcoming releases on my webpage and in my newsletter. Thank you for reading!

2 thoughts on “Project Update and Upcoming Mystery and Thriller Releases

    1. The paperback will be available on the day the e-book releases (February 25). Unfortunately, Amazon does not support paperback pre-orders.

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