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Readers often tell me my brand of horror is right for them. If so, I am truly humbled. And good news – I’m running a special offer on Kindle e-books. For a limited time, grab Dark Vanishings Part II for only $4.99.


From the author Brian Keene calls, “One of the most exciting writers to burst upon the scene in quite some time!”

A lost world. Empty highways. Society vanished. A boy and girl flee from the coming darkness.

When a group of thugs attempt to murder Tori and Blake, a shocking power erupts from the girl and tears her enemies to pieces. Now she is horrified by what is inside her, sleeping, biding its time, waiting to kill again.

An evil man, who calls himself Lupan, forms his own society in the north. Is he human or demon? The Devil himself? He recruits an army with one purpose: Find Tori and kill her.

Tori is humankind’s last chance to stop Lupan, but only if she can harness her power…

A heart-pounding post-apocalyptic novel which will keep you reading to all hours of the night. Fans of Dean Koontz, Hugh Howey, and Stephen King will love The Dark Vanishings series.

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