The Best Deals on my Thriller Audiobooks

Thanks to Author’s Direct, my Amazon bestselling Wolf Lake thriller series is now available on audiobook for almost 50% less than you’d pay through Audible.

If you’re wondering what Author’s Direct is, it’s the latest creation from Findaway Voices, a leading company in audiobook creation. Author’s Direct allows you to download audiobooks direct from authors like me, cutting out the middleman and saving you money.

Check out the differences. On Audible and Apple iTunes, the Wolf Lakes series audiobooks retail for $17.99 each. The same audiobooks are only $9.99 at Author’s Direct.

An important point. Many of you asked me if you should purchase through Audible so I’ll make a more money than I would through Author’s Direct.

Actually, the answer is no. Thriller authors like me make more when you purchase at Author’s Direct because they pay a 70% commission, whereas Audible and Apple keep the vast majority of each sale.

So it’s a win-win scenario. The next time you download an audiobook, save your money and buy from Author’s Direct. You’ll help authors and save big on audiobooks.

Visit me at Author’s Direct now

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