Our Best Mystery and Thriller Audiobooks

best mystery and thriller audiobooks

The Thomas Shepherd Mysteries: Our Best Mystery and Thriller Audiobooks

Do you love gripping, heart-pounding stories performed by the finest narrators and producers in the industry? Look no further than The Thomas Shepherd Mystery series, our best mystery and thriller audiobooks.

Picking up where the Wolf Lake audiobooks left off, the Thomas Shepherd Mystery series delivers intense, gripping thrills and suspense.

Thomas Shepherd is a rarity among law enforcement – a sheriff with Asperger’s syndrome. Together with his deputies, private investigator and girlfriend Chelsey Byrd, and his closest friends, he solves crimes and pursues deadly killers.

Heart-pounding suspense and expertly crafted characters keep thriller and mystery readers coming back for more and begging for more audiobooks. Discover why so many readers love Thomas Shepherd and the world of Wolf Lake, an idyllic location inspired by New York’s Finger Lakes region.

Each audiobook is its own thriller and mystery. Listening to the Wolf Lake series is not required.

Start listening today, and find out why the Thomas Shepherd series has been called the best mystery and thriller audiobooks available on Audible and iTunes.

grave girl by dan padavona

Grave Girl: This year’s best mystery and thriller audiobooks

When McKenzie accompanies her boyfriend to the country for a night of stargazing, she vanishes in the dead of night. Her star-athlete boyfriend claims he had nothing to do with her disappearance, but he has no alibi.

As Thomas Shepherd searches for the missing girl, he discovers the boyfriend is hiding a dark secret. He’s a powder keg waiting to explode. But why would the future professional football star kidnap and murder his girlfriend?

Thomas must rely on girlfriend Chelsey Byrd and her team of private investigators. But Chelsey is battling her own demons after a near-fatal abduction by a crazed stalker.

At the same time, a rash of break-ins rocks the tiny village of Wolf Lake, keeping the private investigators busy.

More suspects emerge. Thomas and his deputies must determine who the real kidnapper is.  Will they find McKenzie in time?

Listen now and find out why audiobook thriller and mystery lovers can’t get enough of Thomas Shepherd!

Daddy’s Little Girls

When obsessive love turns to evil…

A nine-year-old girl vanishes from Wolf Lake without a trace, and Agent Neil Gardy with the FBI believes the disappearance is related to a potential kidnapping case in Michigan.

A child predator is loose in Nightshade County. And it’s Halloween night.

Sheriff Thomas Shepherd can’t escape the feeling that the two missing girls are part of a larger investigation. The deeper he digs, the closer he comes to hell.

Children venture into the night to celebrate Halloween, heedless of the sheriff’s warnings.

Is a dark presence watching?

A heart-pounding mystery and thriller. Continue this bestselling series by listening now.

Killer Instinct

Two bizarre deaths. One sadistic murderer.

And the sheriff tasked with catching him.

A decorated police officer is found dead in a farmer’s field, covered in what appear to be wasp stings. Except it’s almost Thanksgiving in New York, and three inches of snow cover the ground. Days later, a prominent businessman with a fear of heights leaps from Harmon’s tallest skyscraper.

Are the deaths related?

Working beside Raven Hopkins and the private investigators of Wolf Lake Consulting, Sheriff Thomas Shepherd pieces together an unsolvable puzzle. The deeper Thomas digs, the more certain he is the victims concealed secrets that got them killed.

Now someone is following the investigators. Someone who doesn’t want them to learn the truth.

Can the sheriff save his friends and family from a demented murderer?

Start listening now to the bestselling follow-up to Daddy’s Little Girls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Do I need to listen to the Wolf Lake thriller audiobooks to enjoy the Thomas Shepherd mysteries?

A – Not at all. The setting and characters are introduced as if you have not listened to the Wolf Lake audiobooks. However, if you love the Thomas Shepherd mystery series, I recommend you check out the Wolf Lake thrillers and mysteries and watch the characters evolve.

Q – Are all of the characters from the Wolf Lake series in this new series?

A – Yes! All your favorite characters return for new thriller and mystery stories, including Thomas, Chelsey, LeVar, Scout, Raven, and more.

Q – How many audiobooks will there be in the Thomas Shepherd mystery series?

A – There is no set limit. Readers love the stories and characters, and I enjoy writing about them. I envision a long series.

Q – What formats are the books available in?

A – Each story is available in paperback, on Kindle, and in audiobook form.

Q – Are Wolf Lake and Nightshade County actual places?

A – Wolf Lake and Nightshade County are based on the Finger Lakes region of New York. If you are familiar with this area, you might recognize a spots that were inspired by their real-life counterparts.