The Scarlett Bell Serial Killer Books

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This Year’s Most Chilling Serial Killer Thriller Books

In the realm of thriller and horror, what could be more bone-chilling than a serial killer on the prowl? The bestselling Scarlett Bell FBI series has thrilled readers for half a decade, and now you can read all ten books in two gripping collections.

Warning: lock your doors, and don’t read these stories after dark!

The Scarlett Bell Collection #1: Books 1-5

Scarlett Bell Serial Killer Book SeriesAfter a teenager girl’s gruesome death rocks an idyllic lake village in Upstate New York, the local sheriff calls on Scarlett Bell, expert profiler with the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit. Cunning, beautiful, and dangerous, Scarlett is used to tracking the country’s most deranged serial killers.

But there’s something disturbing about this killer. He hides in plain sight, hunting for new victims in a village where everyone knows their neighbors. Someone is concealing a dark secret.

Another teenager disappears, and it’s up to Scarlett and her partner Neil Gardy to learn the madman’s identity before tragedy strikes again.

Scarlett must untangle a deadly web of evidence as new suspects emerge, and time is running out.

She knows how to stop a murderer, and she isn’t afraid to do it again.

Except there’s one problem.

The killer wants Scarlett as his next victim.

Read books one through five in the Scarlett Bell Serial Killer thriller series for only $6.99, a huge savings over purchasing the books separately. Available in Kindle, paperback, and audiobook.

The Scarlett Bell Collection #2: Books 6-10

Scarlett Bell Serial Killer Book Series 6-10For 23 years, Scarlett Bell lived with the nightmare of a child predator abducting and murdering her bestfriend. The tragedy spurred Scarlett to become a criminal profiler and hunt monsters like the one who ruined her life.

Fast forward to present day. Children are disappearing from a tiny Georgia township. The cases are frighteningly similar to the unsolved investigation that continues to haunt Scarlett. But this new murderer can’t be the same serial killer.

Or is he?

Scarlett refuses to wait until her doctor clears her for active duty. Defying the FBI, she travels to Georgia to hunt a ghost from her past. Alone.

To catch a murderer, she must learn his tendencies while avoiding local police and the FBI.

Is this a trap?

The closer Scarlett comes to the killer, the more she believes he is the same man who stole her bestfriend 23 years ago.

And now he’s back to finish the job.

The heart-pounding conclusion to the Scarlett Bell Serial Killer thriller series. Read books six through ten for only $7.99 and save 47% over purchasing the books separately. Available in Kindle, paperback, and audiobook.

Praise for the Scarlett Bell Serial Killer series

“Could not stop reading these books! Stayed up late to finish book after book. Will definitely read more by this author.”

“I fell in love with the characters in this series. I hope there are many more books with Scarlett and Gardy . . .”

“Couldn’t put this series down, read it over a three day weekend. Action packed with two FBI agents, Bell and Gardy, hunting serial killers.”

“Just love this series. Pulls you in and keeps going at a good fast pace.”

“Stumbled onto this series and was engrossed in reading all of them. The characters were so lifelike.”

“I love all the books I have read by this author. Many late nights staying up to finish . . .”

“Read both sets back to back. Loved the ongoing story, like a tv series except I didn’t have to wait for the next episode.”

“I felt like I knew all the characters and devoured book after book!! If you like Criminal Minds, read these books!”

“This series kept me on my toes the whole way through. I was pacing in the last few chapters. Thanks for hours of entertainment.”