The Darkwater Cove Serial Killer Thriller Series

The Darkwater Cove Serial Killer Thrillers

A killer is watching.

Former FBI agent Darcy Gellar is a master profiler. Until she runs into a serial killer more dangerous than any she has ever encountered.

After almost losing her life, Darcy retires and moves her family to the North Carolina coastal village of Genoa Cove, seeking peace. 

But when the police find a body along the shore, Darcy fears she’ll never escape her demons. The murder looks eerily similar to the work of the Full Moon Killer, the man she put behind bars three years ago.

But that’s impossible. The murderer is still in prison. Did she arrest the wrong man?

When the killer steals another soul, Darcy knows he’s targeting her family. The nightmare won’t die. But the killer should be the one who is scared. He’s never met a fighter like Darcy Gellar.

And she’ll stop at nothing to defend her children.


This heart-pounding psychological thriller series will keep you turning pages until the stunning climax.


Darkwater Cove – Book 1

Former FBI profiler Darcy Gellar moves her children to Genoa Cove to pull her life together after a near-fatal encounter with the Full Moon Killer. The murderer is serving a lifetime sentence, and the peaceful surroundings of the quaint oceanside village should quiet the demons in Darcy’s head. Except they don’t.

The police discover a dead woman murdered on the beach. The evidence points to the serial killer who Darcy put away three years ago. 

Did the FBI arrest the wrong man?

Now Darcy must shield herself from the local police, who don’t trust her, while protecting her children from a madman. A heart-stopping psychological thriller.






Bury Her Bones download

Bury Her Bones – Book 2

A sleepy Georgia town with a history of kidnapped children. A former FBI profiler who just wants to keep her children safe.

When a stalker threatens her cousin, Darcy Gellar takes her children to Georgia. Someone is painting symbols of the Full Moon Killer on her cousin’s house. Is a new serial killer loose?

To protect her family, Darcy must solve a decade-old mystery of a disappeared girl. But as the shocking truth emerges, the murderer sets his sights on Darcy’s daughter.

A serial killer thriller with a bone-chilling twist.






Whispers in the Dark download

Whispers in the Dark – Book 3

Darcy Gellar’s worst nightmare comes to fruition. 

The Full Moon Killer escapes prison and disappears into the night. The FBI can’t find him, yet Darcy knows where to look. He’s right behind her.

Nobody knows the serial killer as well as Darcy. Her profile led to his capture. After the authorities find another murder victim in Genoa Cove, Darcy determines to turn the hunter into the hunted.

But Darcy can’t trust the local police, who want to pin the murders on her son. If Darcy fails, the Full Moon Killer will take her life, and her son will go to prison.

Can Darcy stop the psychopath before he claims her family?





the vanishing girl download

The Vanishing Girl – Book 4

Darcy Gellar clings to a tenuous relationship with police officer Julian Haines. When Julian’s niece disappears, Darcy promises to help him find the lost girl.

But the deeper Darcy digs into the mystery, the more she believes the girl was hiding a terrible secret.

When the sheriff discovers a dead girl in the woods, her face beaten beyond recognition, Darcy worries they’re already too late to save Julian’s niece. Suspects emerge, and she begins to feel eyes on the back of her head. Someone is following her.

In this pulse-pounding thriller, Darcy comes face to face with a demented killer who hides in plain sight. Don’t read this book after dark.






find her before dark download

Find Her Before Dark – Book 5

After the loss of a her FBI partner, Darcy Gellar vows to never again work for law enforcement. Then a teenage girl with Down syndrome vanishes from the community of Veil Lake. 

Darcy can’t turn her back on a girl who needs her. When she agrees to assist the FBI, she encounters a lake village with more secrets than truths. Everyone claims to love Faith, the missing girl, yet someone is lying.

It takes a twisted mind to harm a young person, especially one with Down syndrome. What is the killer’s motivation?

Darcy must hurry if she wishes to solve the mystery and save Faith. But darkness is coming soon. And then it will be too late.

A frightening psychological thriller with a heart-stopping climax.





don't breathe download

Don’t Breathe – Book 6

Two dead bodies. One woman at a woodlands campsite, another strewn along a popular running trail. 

And spider bites cover both victims.

The police consider the cases open and shut after the medical examiner concludes both women died from venomous spider bites. But the facts don’t add up for Darcy Gellar, who believes a serial killer is stalking the darkness. 

To solve the disturbing crimes, she must overcome an enemy from her past.

But the truth behind the murders is more shocking than Darcy is prepared for.

If spiders creep you out, you’ll squirm from start to finish during this tense psychological thriller. If you wish to survive to the final page, don’t breathe.



Killwater Cove psychological thriller

Kill Water Cove – Book 7

The nightmare refuses to die . . .

Former FBI serial killer profiler Darcy Haines put the past behind her. She’s happy living along the coast in her new marriage and keeping her family safe.

Then a rash of grisly murders force Darcy to make an impossible decision. Will she answer the law enforcement community’s call and risk her sanity? Or will she allow more innocents to die?

The killer leaves a hauntingly familiar calling card: a disturbing smiley face painted beside his victims. It’s the signature of the Full Moon Killer, the man Darcy murdered.

Is a copycat reincarnating the Full Moon Killer?

To protect her loved ones, Darcy must conceal the truth. She’s the only person capable of profiling this new psychopath. Because she lived inside the Full Moon Killer’s twisted mind.

But a trap lies in wait. And Darcy is walking into it.


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