Dark Vanishings – Post-Apocalyptic End of the World Series

The Dark Vanishings Series

Empty streets. Neighborhoods vanished. The world is a tomb.

Tori awakens to find herself alone in her town. Her parents are missing. Perhaps they were kidnapped. Murdered. Or worse. And now the evils ones are coming for her.

Running from those who would murder her, Tori flees with a strange boy who seems to know her. Together, they drive south along the east coast and search for humankind. But the road is full of hidden dangers — death watches them from every shadow.

Now a secret power awakens inside Tori, a weapon which might save what little remains of the world. Will she embrace her power?

This pulse-pounding post-apocalyptic thriller will take your breath away and leave you wanting more. Fans of Stephen King and Hugh Howey should check out the Dark Vanishings series.

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