Horror Book of the Year: The Face of Midnight

Scary Horror BookThis Year’s Scariest Horror Book

The Face of Midnight 

When was the last time a horror book or movie truly scared you?

Bestselling author Dan Padavona returns horror to is roots in The Face of Midnight, a terrifying novel that readers are comparing to the scariest books and movies of yesteryear. Part John Carpenter’s Halloween, part Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dan Padavona’s hair-raising story tells the tale of a homeless girl who breaks into vacant houses to survive. Until she picks the wrong house.

Fans of Stephen King, Richard Laymon, Dean Koontz, Jack Ketchum, and Brian Keene will love The Face of Midnight. From this horror book’s first sentence, the heart-pounding chills never stop. This fast-paced page-turner will make you afraid to read after dark.

From the book’s description:

They found the girl’s head stuffed into a sluice pipe. The Midnight Killer is back. More will die.

Serial killer horror that “builds to a horrifying crescendo. Reminiscent of John Carpenter’s Halloween.”

Becca, a homeless girl, has a system for sneaking into unoccupied homes, a method she promises to teach her new friend. But Becca’s murky past is about to catch up to her.

Would you sneak into unoccupied homes if you were homeless?

What if you chose the wrong house?

When New York’s most notorious serial killer, The Midnight Killer, closes in on Becca, she has nowhere to hide. After fleeing from a deranged stalker, Becca takes shelter inside an abandoned farmhouse.

Something evil lurks within the house, and a freak October storm has trapped Becca inside. Now she must survive the night.

And it’s Halloween.

What readers are saying about Dan Padavona’s The Face of Midnight:

“A blistering read with a bloody payoff. Dan is the man!”

“Almost instantly . . . I didn’t want to put it down. I was hooked. I especially love the way I feel like I am right there in the story as it is unfolding.”

“Trapped is exactly how I felt. Glued to my seat, my stomach in a huge knot and too scared to finish the page.”

“Wow. This book had me on the edge of my seat, especially throughout the second half of the book. The suspense was amazing.”

“This novel reminded me of Night in the Lonesome October by Richard Laymon. It was very atmospheric and had a great ending.”

“One of the better horror stories I’ve read!”

“This is a great horror story. Great characters with a fast paced believable story. Dan Padavona has become my favorite horror author. His books should all be hardcovers on the front shelves of bookstores!”

“Very exciting, fast moving, couldn’t put it down. You made my skin crawl.”

“One of the best books I’ve read recently. A couple of moments had my heart racing, and the ending was heartwarming. Really didn’t want it to end.”

“I have not read this good of a serial killer horror [book] in a long time. Keep up the great work!”

If you love Jack Ketchum, Richard Laymon, Brian Keene, and today’s best horror books, you must check out The Face of Midnight.

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