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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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Reading Order

Q – In what order do you recommend I read your books and series?

A – You’re welcome to dive into any thriller series that most interests you. I pride myself on introducing characters and storylines in book one of each series, so knowledge of a previous series isn’t required. However, if you wish to follow characters from one thriller and mystery series to the next, I recommend the following reading order:

  1. The Scarlett Bell FBI Thriller series
  2. The Darkwater Cove Serial Killer series
  3. The Wolf Lake Thriller and Mystery series
  4. The Logan and Scarlett Fictional Serial Killer Books
  5. The Thomas Shepherd Mystery series

Q – Do I need to read the Wolf Lake series before reading the Thomas Shepherd mysteries?

A – Reading the Wolf Lake series first is unnecessary. I introduce all characters and settings in the new Thomas Shepherd series, assuming readers haven’t read my previous books. However, if you enjoy the Thomas Shepherd mysteries, you’ll love watching the characters grow and evolve in the Wolf Lake thriller series.

My Thrillers and Mysteries

Q – Do you always write in a series?

A – Not all the time. My psychological thriller, Her Shallow Grave, is a standalone novel (though many have asked me to write a sequel). However, I prefer to write in a series. This gives me the freedom to develop character arcs over multiple books in a realistic fashion.

Q – What makes your thrillers and mysteries unique?

A – As my readers will attest, my stories take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. Coming from a horror background, I love crafting tense, dark scenes that raise goosebumps on your skin. But I’m also deeply interested in the human spirit, and this shows up in my characters and their evolutions. My Wolf Lake and Thomas Shepherd series books deal with overcoming challenges, redemption, personal growth, and the powers of love and friendship, while still providing plenty of scares.

Q – Are you books available everywhere, or just on Amazon?

A – My e-books are exclusively available on Kindle through Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. My paperbacks can be found in a growing number of libraries, and I hope to one day see them on bookstore shelves. My audiobooks are all available through Audible and iTunes, and my Wolf Lake thriller audiobooks can be found everywhere audiobooks are sold, including Google Play, Scribd, Overdrive, Author’s Direct, Kobo, and more.

Book Formats

Q – What formats are your books in?

A – As of today, I publish my thrillers and mysteries in Kindle e-book format, paperback, and audiobook. Hardback versions of my books may be coming in the future.

Q – Are your books available in Kindle Unlimited?

A – Yes, all of my books are available to read for FREE if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

Author Advice

Q – I’m an author like you. Can you teach me how to find readers and sell more books?

A – The best advice I can give is to be humble and patient. Write excellent books with professional editing, hire the best cover designers in your genre, and ensure you meet readers expectations, including tropes. It’s a must to bring a unique angle to your stories, something that sets you apart. That’s it in a nutshell, but if you want more in depth information, check out my Advice for Writers blog.

Q – You spend a lot on advertising. I don’t have much money. Do I have to do the same?

A – Not necessarily, but laser-targeted advertising will build your following quickly. Waiting for your readership to grow organically could take years. When you start from square one, readers don’t know your name. The odds are long that your novel will catch fire on its own and go viral the way Silo did for Hugh Howey. When I switched to writing serial killer thrillers and mysteries, I was essentially staring my career over. Had I waited for readers to find my books organically, I wouldn’t be nearly as successful.

About Dan Padavona

Q – When did you begin writing?

A – Though I enjoyed creative writing projects in high school and college, I never envisioned penning a novel. That changed in 2014 when I wrote Storberry, an old-school vampire horror novel. Storberry is essentially a love letter to Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot. I switched from horror to serial killer thrillers and dark mysteries in 2018 with the Scarlett Bell FBI thriller series and never looked back. If you want more information on my background, please refer to my About Me page.

Media Inquiries

Q – Will you come on my blog/podcast/video channel?

A – Yes. The best way to contact me and set up an interview is through social media channels: Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  LinkedIn

You may also email me:  dan [] @ [] danpadavona.com

Just remove those spam-beating brackets.  🙂

Q – You earned half a million dollars in twelve months as an independently-published author. Our readers would be interested in how you did it. May we interview you about the business side of writing?

A – Of course. I’ve been blessed with unexpected success on this amazing writing journey and would love to share my techniques with prospective authors.