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Dan Padavona’s thriller and mystery books rank among the hottest-selling books on Amazon. Twice his thriller novels have reached #1 on the Amazon Kindle suspense charts, and his novels have been nominated for numerous awards. Bram Stoker award winner Brian Keene called Padavona “one of the most exciting writers to burst upon the scene in quite some time.”

If you love dark, tense thrillers and mysteries, terrifying serial killers, and well-crafted characters that burst off the page, you’ll love all of Dan Padavona’s mystery thriller book series. His thriller novels are available on Kindle, paperback, and audiobook formats. If you need more convincing, download Dead and Buried for FREE and see what all the buzz is about.

The Wolf Lake Thriller and Mystery Series

Her Last Breath - download

The ten-book Wolf Lake series has garnered over 10 thousand four-and five-star reviews on Amazon.

He’s hunting a psychopath. And now the killer wants him dead.

After he’s shot in the line of duty, Detective Thomas Shepherd returns to Wolf Lake to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Living beside the water, he finds peace — until the body of a missing woman washes up on his shore, and the town blames a teenage boy with a history of violence.

Is a killer stalking the sleepy resort village?

Thomas isn’t convinced the teenager committed murder. Challenging a village that wants justice at any cost, he pursues the real killer as evidence mounts against the teenager. If he fails, an innocent boy will go to prison.

Can Thomas clear the boy’s name before he becomes the killer’s next victim?

Buy Her Last Breath, Book 1 in The Wolf Lake mystery thriller series.

Or buy the complete 10-book Wolf Lake Thriller and Mystery series and immerse yourself in terror. 

The Darkwater Cove Serial Killer Thriller Series

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Called one of the tensest and most suspenseful thriller book series available on Kindle, the Darkwater Cove six-book series straddles the line between a page-turning psychological thriller and a dark mystery.

A killer is watching.

Former FBI agent Darcy Gellar is a master profiler. Until she runs into a serial killer more dangerous than any she has ever encountered.

After almost losing her life, Darcy retires and moves her family to the North Carolina coastal village of Genoa Cove, seeking peace.

But when the police find a body along the shore, Darcy fears she’ll never escape her demons. The murder looks eerily similar to the work of the Full Moon Killer, the man she put behind bars three years ago.

But that’s impossible. The murderer is still in prison. Did she arrest the wrong man?

When the killer steals another soul, Darcy knows he’s targeting her family. The nightmare won’t die. But the killer should be the one who is scared. He’s never met a fighter like Darcy Gellar.

And she’ll stop at nothing to defend her children.

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The Logan and Scarlett Serial Killer Suspense Series

Dusk Corners download

At four books and counting, the Logan and Scarlett series is already considered among the darkest thriller and mystery series on Amazon. Readers call them a mashup between Hannibal Lecter and Criminal Minds.

It takes a killer to catch a killer.

From the dark mind of Dan Padavona, bestselling author of the Wolf Lake mystery and thriller series, comes a new anti-hero with a deadly purpose.

FBI agent Logan Wolf was the greatest criminal profiler to enter the Behavioral Analysis Unit. Then a corrupt politician framed the agent and hired a serial killer to murder Wolf’s wife, destroying his life. After fleeing the authorities, Wolf found himself atop the country’s most wanted list. Now he’s a ghost hiding in every shadow. The government can’t find him.

He seeks revenge by tracking and murdering the world’s deadliest serial killers, dishing out his horrific version of frontier justice.

Wolf trusts only one person: the beautiful Scarlett Bell, the most-intelligent profiler the FBI has to offer. Though she refuses to admit it, she admires the vigilante. He cuts through red tape and takes vicious murderers off the street rather than leaving them to the courts. Together, they hunt the most depraved minds stalking the night.

But Wolf needs to be careful. The FBI is searching for him — and every killer wants him dead.

Buy Dusk Corners, Book 1 of this unique and explosive look at more than one man’s obsessions.

The Scarlett Bell FBI Serial Killer Thriller Series

Scarlett Bell Serial Killer Book Series

Ten heart-pounding, suspenseful stories for one low price.

Have you met Scarlett Bell? She’s the Behavioral Analysis Unit’s most gifted profiler. And every serial killer wants her dead.

After a teenage girl’s gruesome death rocks an idyllic lake village in Upstate New York, the local sheriff calls on Scarlett Bell, an expert profiler with the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit. Cunning, beautiful, and dangerous, Scarlett is used to tracking the country’s most deranged serial killers.

But there’s something disturbing about this killer. He hides in plain sight, hunting for new victims in a village where everyone knows their neighbors. Someone is concealing a dark secret.

Another teenager disappears, and it’s up to Scarlett and her partner Neil Gardy to learn the madman’s identity before tragedy strikes again.

Scarlett must untangle a deadly web of evidence as new suspects emerge, and time is running out.

She knows how to stop a murderer, and she isn’t afraid to do it again.

Except there’s one problem.

The killer wants Scarlett as his next victim.

Once you start this series, you won’t want to put it down. Relentless and terrifying, buy all 10 stories and be prepared to get your heart racing.

The Thomas Shepherd Mystery and Thriller Series

grave girl mystery book

Heart-pounding suspense and expertly crafted characters keep thriller and mystery readers returning and begging for more books. Discover why so many readers love Thomas Shepherd and the world of Wolf Lake, an idyllic location inspired by New York’s Finger Lakes region.

When McKenzie accompanies her boyfriend to the country for a night of stargazing, she vanishes in the dead of night. Her star-athlete boyfriend claims he had nothing to do with her disappearance, but he has no alibi.

As Thomas Shepherd searches for the missing girl, he discovers the boyfriend is hiding a dark secret. He’s a powder keg waiting to explode. But why would the future professional football star kidnap and murder his girlfriend?

Thomas must rely on girlfriend Chelsey Byrd and her team of private investigators. But Chelsey is battling her own demons after a near-fatal abduction by a crazed stalker.

At the same time, a rash of break-ins rocks the tiny village of Wolf Lake, keeping the private investigators busy.

More suspects emerge. Thomas and his deputies must determine who the real kidnapper is.  Will they find McKenzie in time?

Each book is its own thriller and mystery. Reading the Wolf Lake thriller novels series is not required.

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Dan Padavona — Master of Thriller and Mystery Books

Dan Padavona is the master of crafting dark and terrifying tales that will leave you breathless. From his standalone books to his epic series, start your journey with Dan Padavona and be prepared for page-turners you won’t want to put down.

His thriller and mystery books will keep you on the edge of your seat, perfect for those who want to be pulled into a deep, dark world of suspense.

If you’re looking for some truly spine-chilling novels, Dan’s thriller novels won’t disappoint. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Dan Padavona has a book that will keep you entertained and terrified from beginning to end.

Looking for something a little more gruesome? Try Dan’s hugely popular horror novels, but be prepared never to sleep with the light off again.