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Crawlspace horror like Jack Ketchum

Crawlspace, the purest dark horror novel I’ve written since Storberry, was released a little less than a month ago. Because of its tension and ferocity, Crawlspace is my favorite creation to date.

I am honored that the initial Amazon reviews are so positive for Crawlspace. Here are snippets from the most recent reviews:


“Just as Jack Ketchum, Richard Laymon, and the Splatterpunks did a generation ago, Dan Padavona’s CRAWLSPACE represents a seismic shift in the horror genre. An instant — and important — classic.” – Brian Keene

“The tension and claustrophobia made my chest feel tight and my hands shake. Part of me wanted to put it down but I knew I couldn’t. It’s hard for me to get scared now adays but Dan seems to have found the secret.”

“A Horror Homerun! This is, without a doubt, Dan’s best work to date.”

“I’ve read most of Padavona’s work, and this is easily his best.”

“It kept me on edge not knowing…this book will not let you down.”

“This particular book was rooted in details of reality that make a story truly come to life. An author like Stephen King does this like a master, and Dan is developing this skill with extreme adeptness.”

“Crawlspace seduces you and then slams the door and locks it, leaving you stuck flipping the pages. It doesn’t care that you have to work in the morning. A claustrophobic tromp through the darkest of recesses.”

I wrote Crawlspace for readers who love dark horror, and fans who grew up loving Grindhouse movies and then graduated to Richard Laymon and Jack Ketchum novels, because these are the genres and authors that inspired and intrigued me. The raw and visceral power of these tales had a profound impact on my own understanding of horror. They taught me that true terror doesn’t always come from otherworldly creatures or fantastical scenarios but from the unexplored, dark corners of human psyche, from the relatable fears that exist within all of us. They were not just about the terror they presented but about the emotions they evoked. That’s the tradition I wanted to honor and continue with Crawlspace.

The outpouring of positive reviews and the recognition by seasoned authors like Brian Keene reaffirm my belief that there’s a passionate audience hungry for this type of authentic, gripping horror. The feedback, especially the personal experiences of readers feeling the palpable tension, claustrophobia, and suspense, has been nothing short of gratifying. Each review, whether highlighting the story’s rootedness in details of reality or its relentless pace, validates the effort and heart poured into the creation of Crawlspace.

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Looking forward, I am further motivated to delve deeper into the horror genre, constantly evolving and experimenting to give readers an unforgettable experience. The success of Crawlspace is not just a personal achievement but a testament to the enduring power of dark horror. It reiterates that even in a world overflowing with multimedia distractions, a well-crafted story can still grip, terrify, and resonate deeply with readers. It’s a thrilling journey, and I can’t wait to see where the next chapter takes both me and my readers.

Review of Crawlspace

Crawlspace: Dan Padavona’s Dark Horror Magnum Opus

In the world of horror literature, few books in recent memory have created the kind of buzz that Dan Padavona’s “Crawlspace” has. Released less than a month ago, it has quickly gained a reputation for being one of the most chilling novels of the year, cementing Padavona’s position as a master of dark horror. But what is it about “Crawlspace” that has gripped readers and critics alike?

First and foremost, “Crawlspace” is a testament to Padavona’s deep-seated love and understanding of the genre. It pays homage to the Grindhouse movies and the visceral horror tales of legends like Richard Laymon and Jack Ketchum. Padavona has crafted a narrative rooted in genuine, palpable fear. The novel’s title itself evokes feelings of claustrophobia, a sense of being trapped, and the harrowing journey that awaits inside the novel delivers on that promise in spades.

The acclaim that “Crawlspace” has garnered in such a short span is noteworthy. Renowned horror author Brian Keene hailed it as a “seismic shift in the horror genre,” placing it in the echelons of legendary horror tales that came before it. Readers’ reviews have echoed this sentiment, with many highlighting the novel’s immersive detail, relentless tension, and an authenticity that mirrors the mastery of someone like Stephen King.

Yet, it’s not just the thrill of the chase or the heart-pounding suspense that makes “Crawlspace” stand out. Padavona dives deep into the human psyche, exploring the demons that lurk within and the horrifying lengths to which individuals might go when cornered, both literally and metaphorically. This exploration of human nature, juxtaposed with the novel’s eerie settings and events, makes it a truly multi-dimensional horror experience.

“Crawlspace” isn’t just another horror novel—it’s an experience, a journey into the darkest corners of human fear. As more readers discover the brilliance of Dan Padavona’s storytelling, “Crawlspace” is set to become not just a bestseller but a classic in the annals of horror literature. For those who dare, it promises a tale that will remain long after the last page is turned.

Crawlspace scary horror novel

Kindle Unlimited Horror

For fans of horror literature who’ve been eagerly awaiting a chance to delve into the spine-chilling world of “Crawlspace,” there’s some exciting news on the horizon. The acclaimed novel by Dan Padavona is now available for free to subscribers of Kindle Unlimited. This marks a significant opportunity for horror enthusiasts and casual readers alike to access and experience what is quickly becoming a modern classic in the genre, without any additional cost.

Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s subscription-based service, allows readers to explore and enjoy a vast array of books across different genres. Having “Crawlspace” join this expansive library is not only evidence of its rising prominence, but also a generous gesture by Padavona to make his work more accessible. For those who have been on the fence about purchasing the book or are new to Padavona’s oeuvre, this is the perfect time to immerse oneself in the haunting depths of “Crawlspace” and understand firsthand why it has been creating ripples in the world of horror fiction.

Are you ready to enter the crawlspace? I’ll warn you – it’s going to be dark up there.

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