Why email marketing for authors destroys social media

email marketing vs social media

Authors: Email marketing destroys social media

If you’ve ever wondered whether email marketing or social media reigns supreme, especially for authors, then my friend, you’re in for an eye-opening experience today. I recently sifted through almost 9 months’ worth of data, and let’s just say email marketing doesn’t just edge out social media—it leaves it in the dust.

Email marketing for authors dwarfs social media

For those who love a good stat, get this. Using Amazon Attribution and affiliate codes, we found that social media posting netted us 9 sales. Yeah, just 9. And email marketing? A whopping 392. That’s not double, or triple, but a 44 to 1 ratio tipping in favor of email. Just think about that for a second.

And it’s not just about raw numbers. The effectiveness and “action-pulling” power of emails far surpass social media. Sure, both platforms have their strengths and purposes, but when it comes to making someone click that ‘Buy Now’ button, email marketing dominates.

Why Email Takes The Crown

The Freedom of Control

When you send an email, you get to choose everything, from the design to the timing. But on social media? Your content is at the mercy of ever-changing algorithms, making your reach unpredictable.

Owning Your Kingdom

With emails, you own the list. It’s yours, not Mark Zuckerberg’s. But with social platforms? You’re essentially renting space from them.

Emails: The VIPs of Inboxes

In an inbox, a well-crafted email shines. On social media, unless you’re super controversial or extremely outlandish, chances are you’ll blend into the noise.

Offer value in your emails, and your readers will hang onto every word. But try keeping that same reader’s attention on a busy social feed, and you’ll understand the uphill battle.

All said and done, I’m not saying to abandon social media. It’s okay for building your brand and name recognition. But when it’s sales and genuine brand growth you’re after? Email marketing is where you want to be.

Ownership and Control – The Email Superpowers

When you send an email, it’s like hosting a private chat in your living room. You control the mood, the topic, the décor—everything. With social media? It’s like trying to shout in a busy market square, hoping someone hears you over the din. Ever noticed your posts getting lost in the feed due to some mysterious algorithm? With email, that ambiguity doesn’t exist.

Your Treasure Chest: The Email List

An email list is like a treasure chest that you’ve personally filled over time. Every email ID is a gem, someone who actually wants to hear from you. Compare that to social media followers—while they’re great, do they have the same level of commitment?

Plus, platforms come and go, but your email list? That stays with you, no matter where the digital tides take you.

The Red Carpet of Inboxes

Your carefully crafted email can feel like an exclusive event invite amidst the regular clutter. But on social media, even the most heart-felt post can sometimes feel like just another pebble on a vast beach.

With email, it’s all about genuine connection. Share a story, an update, or just a thought, and it resonates. On social platforms, the pressure to be constantly ‘viral-worthy’ steers you away from authentic communication.

Value Beyond Words

It’s not just about sales or numbers. It’s the quality of the connection. Emails allow for deeper dives, for genuine storytelling, and for building relationships. Social media is a quick hello at a party. Emails are the heart-to-heart chats that happen after.

The Stunning Reality of Sales

So, here’s a fun fact: When we unleashed our courses, every single sale came through email marketing and content marketing. Social media, with its glitz and glamour? Zero. Zilch. Nada. It’s not to trash-talk social media, but the numbers don’t lie.

Why We Kissed Social Media Goodbye (For Course Launches)

Remember those big course launches we occasionally hype up on social media? Well, after seeing the actual traction, we decided to pull the plug on that strategy. It’s like throwing a big party and realizing most guests are there for the free food, not to actually engage with the host.

Think about that when you’re marketing your next book release. How much time do you waste “getting the word out” on social media? Put the same amount of energy into building your email list, and you’ll see much stronger results.

 The Potential of Paid Ads

While organic social media posts have their limitations, it’s worth noting that Facebook and Instagram ads can pack a punch. They’re like the paid VIP tickets to a show—more visibility, more engagement. But, and it’s a big but, it comes at a cost, both in terms of money and the effort to fine-tune the perfect ad.

The Worth of an Email List

Here’s a behind-the-scenes secret: Companies often pay a pretty penny for established email lists. Why? Because they’re buying direct access to engaged, interested customers. Think about it: when was the last time you heard of a Twitter or Instagram account being sold for its follower list? Sure, influencers sell their reach and endorsements, but the account itself? Not so much.

Genuine Connections Over Fleeting Likes

An email is personal. Every person on that list has, at some point, felt connected enough to your stories to want news about your latest books delivered directly to them. Social media, while immensely powerful, often boils down to fleeting moments of scrolling, liking, and moving on.

 Platforms Come and Go, But Emails Remain

Remember MySpace? Or Vine? Platforms can disappear or lose relevance, but email has been a consistent player since the dawn of the digital age. Having a dedicated list means not being at the mercy of platform shifts.

The Simplicity Spectrum: Crafting Emails vs. Social Media Posts

 With email platforms these days, you’re never starting from scratch. Pick a template, tweak it a little to make it your own, and voila. You have a beautifully formatted email ready to go. No fancy software degree needed. 

You don’t need to be overly flashy or showy. It’s your words that matter. Compare that to social media, where you’re constantly competing for attention in a sea of visual overload.

Social Media: The Art and Effort of Standing Out

To capture attention on platforms like Instagram or TikTok, you need more than just words. We’re talking videos, striking images, GIFs—the works. And let’s not even start on the algorithm’s ever-changing preferences.

Creating the perfect video is one thing. But then you need that equally perfect thumbnail to entice viewers to click. Whether you’re navigating Canva or wrestling with Photoshop, it’s an art (and sometimes a headache) in itself.

The Art of the Funnel

Successful businesses, especially the ones that have cracked the digital code, have a strategy that’s as old as time but as effective as ever: they funnel. But where, you ask? Right into their email lists.

Don’t get me wrong. Businesses do care about their social media presence. But when it comes to converting casual interactions into meaningful relationships, emails are the reigning champs. Let’s be real. An email subscription carries a thousand times more weight than a Facebook ‘like’.

Hand over your email ID, and it’s like giving someone a direct hotline to you. It’s a sign of trust, interest, and a potential commitment. Businesses know that, and that’s why they value it immensely. 

Emails foster a one-on-one connection. It’s personal, direct, and free from the distractions of memes, cat videos, and endless scrolling. For businesses, this focused attention is priceless.

 All right, my fellow authors.

What’s been your experience? Have you found more success in gathering email subscribers or social media followers? Or perhaps a balance of both?

Shoot me an email and let me know.

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