How to Get Followers on Facebook: Secret Tips for Authors

Facebook followers for authors

Facebook Followers for Authors

Today, we’ll explore the secrets of how to get more followers on Facebook to boost your author brand.

I regularly share the latest techniques to generate followers, amplify my author brand and elevate my earnings from writing. Remember, success isn’t just about growing a Facebook followers list; it’s about genuinely engaging with those connections and turning them into devoted readers.

What is the effectiveness of my strategies? In the past year alone, I’ve generated an impressive half a million dollars from Kindle sales and Kindle Unlimited page reads. After all expenses, including advertising, book cover designs, editing, and equipment, I pocketed over $360,000 in profit. All this as a self-published thriller and mystery writer. Now, I’m eager to share my secrets, so you can achieve similar success. Let’s get started.

Why Focusing on One Platform Can Generate More Followers

We all navigate the vast world of social media, don’t we? While spreading ourselves thin across multiple platforms is tempting, I firmly believe in mastering one. You can truly generate followers and create a meaningful connection with them by channeling your energy into a single platform. For many, including myself, that platform is Facebook. 

Why? Because strategies for getting more followers on Facebook can be incredibly effective. My choice for Facebook isn’t arbitrary; it’s where I’ve cultivated a substantial and engaged Facebook followers list. Focusing your efforts can be the key if you’re keen on getting more Facebook followers.

On the Facebook social platform, your goal isn’t to sell books, but build brand awareness. Social media marketing doesn’t have to cost a dime. By sharing your post with enough people, you will attract Facebook users to your page.

Action item: If you haven’t already, create a Facebook profile.

Choosing Your Social Media Home Base: The Power of Concentrated Effort

While platforms like Instagram offer significant organic engagement for creatives, and some authors find success with Twitter, my experience has consistently shown that getting more Facebook followers is a more streamlined process. Time and again, I’ve seen that I can generate followers and build my Facebook followers list faster on Facebook compared to platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or even TikTok, where I’ve only ventured briefly.

So, what’s the takeaway? Prioritize and master one platform. For those wondering how to get more followers on Facebook, the answer lies in concentrated effort. Make that platform your primary focus, your social media “home base,” if you will. While it’s okay to maintain a presence on other platforms, ensure they don’t divert too much of your energy. Becoming an expert on one platform optimizes your engagement and prevents burnout.

Building a Strong Foundation: Why Your Website and Newsletter Are Crucial

While platforms like Facebook offer a fantastic avenue for getting more followers and expanding your reach, it’s essential to remember one thing: social media platforms are not truly yours. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter (or X as it’s now known, for some reason), or any other platform, they set the rules. They could change their policies anytime, potentially disrupting your hard-earned following. It’s like building a house on rented land.

So, where should your true foundation lie? Your website and newsletter. These platforms are genuinely yours, free from the whims of external rule changes.

Think of social media as a tool to generate followers and introduce them to your real home — your website and newsletter. This strategy ensures that your core audience remains intact even if the unpredictable happens on social media. As soon as you can, convert your Facebook followers to email subscribers. There is nothing more powerful than an email list.

My journey on Facebook serves as a testament to this approach. With a modest following of just under 2,400 followers, mostly built organically, I’ve successfully learned how to get more followers on Facebook and implement what I’ve learned.

But the real success? Regularly guiding these followers to my website, introducing them to my books, and integrating them into my newsletter. This way, they become a permanent part of my community, regardless of the ever-changing landscape of social media. Here’s how it’s done. 

1. Sharing Killer Content: The Key to Engaging Your Facebook Followers

In the quest to uncover how to get more followers on Facebook, the first and foremost strategy is to share compelling content consistently. Surprisingly, many overlook this simple yet effective tactic. As an author, you have a keen sense of what resonates with your readers. Whether it’s intriguing articles from fellow writers or your own thought-provoking pieces, such content can spark lively discussions on your Facebook author page and in Facebook groups.

Remember, it’s not just about getting more Facebook followers but about keeping them engaged and invested in your content. So, when you stumble upon a captivating article or craft a compelling piece, don’t hesitate to share it on your Facebook page. Such “killer content” garners attention and fosters engagement, ensuring your followers remain active and invested in your community.

2. Partnering with Influencers: A Mutual Boost for Your Facebook Followers List

In our journey to discover how to get more followers on Facebook, the second strategy is collaborating with influencers within your industry. While the term “influencer” might have garnered some skepticism recently, with many claiming the title, its essence remains valuable. In the truest sense, an influencer is someone with significant sway in your industry or among readers of your genre.

To effectively generate followers, identify influencers whose audience aligns with yours. Instead of merely seeking their endorsement, propose a mutual collaboration. Approach them with the idea of co-promotion: they drive traffic to your Facebook page, and you reciprocate.

This symbiotic relationship not only helps in getting more Facebook followers but also fosters genuine partnerships. Remember, the key is mutual benefit. By offering value and seeking ways to assist them, you pave the way for fruitful collaborations that benefit both parties.

3. Prioritizing Engagement: Speak Their Language and Expand Your Facebook Followers List

As we delve deeper into the strategies for getting more Facebook followers, our third tactic emphasizes engagement. But how do you foster genuine interaction? The secret lies in resonating with your readers. Speak in their voice, share content that aligns with their interests, and actively involve them through questions and polls. The goal is to create captivating content they can’t help but share, helping you generate followers beyond your immediate circle.

Engagement isn’t just about frequent posting; it’s about relevance. While cat memes might be universally popular, think about what truly resonates with your specific audience. For instance, in the dark thriller community, references to iconic figures like Thomas Harris and Hannibal Lecter can spark nostalgia and interest. Such tailored content boosts engagement and reinforces your position as a knowledgeable figure in your genre.

4. Striking the Right Balance: Entertain First, Promote Second

To generate followers and understand how to get more followers on Facebook, it’s essential to recognize what truly resonates with your audience. A common pitfall many authors face is the overzealous promotion of their books. While wanting to share your work is natural, incessant “buy my book” posts can deter potential followers.

Remember, people flock to social media for engagement and entertainment. Your primary role? To entertain and captivate them. This doesn’t mean you should avoid promoting your latest release or generating interest in your previous works. 

The key is moderation. Limit overtly promotional content to a quarter or less of your total posts. For instance, if you post four times, only one of those should be sales-oriented. My personal approach leans even more towards organic content, and the results speak for themselves.

Think of yourself as the host of a grand party. Your followers are your guests, eager for a memorable experience. It’s not the time to hard sell. Instead, focus on creating an atmosphere they’ll cherish and want to return to.

5. Harnessing the Power of the “Invite” Button: A Simple Trick to Boost Your Facebook Followers List

One often overlooked feature on Facebook can significantly aid in getting more Facebook followers organically. Have you ever noticed the “Invite” button next to the names of individuals who’ve liked your posts? This nifty feature is a goldmine for those looking to generate followers without spending a dime.

Here’s how it works. When you click on the “Likes” of your posts, you’ll see an “Invite” button next to each name. If it’s grayed out, you’ve either already invited them, or they’re already following you. Make it a daily habit to go through the likes on your posts from the past 24 hours and invite those who haven’t been invited yet.

Imagine the potential. If you’re consistently driving hundreds of viewers to your posts, and even a small fraction of them accept your invitation, your follower count will steadily grow. And the best part? This method of how to get more followers on Facebook is entirely free. While advertising has its merits, there’s a unique satisfaction in organically building a dedicated Facebook followers list.

6. Upping Your Posting Game: The Magic of Consistent Engagement

Increasing your post frequency is one of the most effective strategies for getting more Facebook followers. While this might sound daunting, hear me out. I recommend (brace yourselves) a whopping four posts per day. Yes, four!

My journey began with sporadic posts every few days. Gradually, I transitioned to a daily post routine, and the results were evident — more engagement, more clicks, and a palpable sense of anticipation from my followers. They began to expect and look forward to my content. Taking advice from a fellow author, I recently ramped up to four posts daily. Contrary to my initial apprehensions about overwhelming my audience, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

The key was prioritizing engagement and fun. Again, think of your Facebook page as a lively party. As long as you’re ensuring a good time for your followers, there’s no risk of alienating them. Instead, you’ll witness more likes, higher engagement, and an influx of new followers curious about the buzz you’re creating.

Remember, these followers are your fans. This is your target audience, and they’re eager for your content. And if you’re worried about content creation, let’s put things into perspective. You’re an author, a fountain of creativity. If personal social media pages can see multiple daily posts, why should your author page be any different?

Experiment with video content, engaging posts relevant to your genre, and even some good-natured humor. Every piece of content on Facebook could attract potential customers. Killer content encourages people to like your page. So focus on creating great content.

Embrace this strategy, engage your audience, and watch your Facebook followers list grow exponentially. And if your followers aren’t growing fast enough, consider Facebook Ads to build your audience. 

Bonus Strategy: Recycle, Reuse, and Re-engage Your Audience

Here’s a nifty trick that boosts engagement and saves time and effort. Every week, take a moment to review your Facebook posts, identifying those that garnered the most interaction. Spot a post that’s a clear winner in terms of engagement? Save it! Whether you prefer spreadsheets, Google Docs, or any other tool, store these high-performing posts for future use.

Now, here’s the fun part. After a few months, reintroduce these posts to your audience. While a few might recognize them, the vast majority won’t. And even if they do, it’s not a drawback. Studies indicate that social media users often engage more robustly with content they’ve encountered before compared to their initial reaction.

This strategy offers a dual benefit. Firstly, you’re leveraging content that’s already proven to generate followers and engagement. Secondly, it alleviates the constant pressure of crafting fresh posts. It’s a win-win. You’re ensuring consistent engagement without the continuous grind of content creation.

Wrapping Up: Dive Deeper into the World of Authorship

I’d appreciate your support if you found value in this blog post. A simple way to do that is by sharing it with fellow authors or anyone passionate about self-development. For more insights and strategies, don’t forget to visit my blog. 

It’s a treasure trove of information, all available for free. Dive into my current projects and discover the techniques I’m using to elevate my author business. Implement these tips, and you might just find them transformative for your own journey.

Always remember: happiness thrives when nurtured with positivity. So, spread some joy, make someone’s day brighter, and continue being the incredible person you are.

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