Storberry – 4 out of 5 Stars from Horror Novel Reviews

Horror Novel Reviews weighed in on Storberry today, giving it 4 out of 5 stars!

From the review –

“There was something in the way he stood back, like a wolf in sheepskin who didn’t want the flock to notice the zipper.”  Just a taste of why I enjoyed Dan Padavona’s, Storberry.  The prose is carefully crafted with time taken on each sentence making sure you, the reader, are there with him.  Though Dan is not out to impress, he’s out to tell you a story; one you can really sink your teeth into and he’s very successful at it.


…I was very pleased to find his book is absolutely bloated with very apt capabilities.  I wasn’t done with the first page before I decided I would be enjoying this book of his…and I did.

I am humbled that Storberry has received so much praise from true horror fans, for those are the readers I write for. This review is both gratifying and inspirational, and I assure you that I have plenty of stories left to unleash. Moments like this are what make writing so very worthwhile for writers.

Check out the entire review at Horror Novel Reviews.

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