Storberry – A First Look


Storberry is scheduled for digital release in mid-August 2014.

In the small Virginia town of Storberry, the children believe the forest to be haunted. A strange wind storm cripples the town, and something wicked follows in its wake.

I began Storberry with the vague idea of a vampire story. The first blank page stared at me for a long time – a rather frightening prospect indeed. Then I found Evan Moran, Tom Kingsley, and Jen Barrows. They took me by the hand and led me into their world.

My storytelling process is free-form and organic. I do not outline. I prefer to be the story’s very first reader. For instance, I often start with a clear idea of where a storyline is headed, but find to my surprise (and delight) that it often takes unexpected turns, and ends up somewhere altogether different than where I had intended. Such was the case with Storberry and its characters.

I began with a simple question:

What would happen if a rural Virginia town was overrun by vampires?

The original inspirations for the vampires of Storberry were Nosferatu and the 1975 movie version of Salem’s Lot. Once they appeared in the story, I found that they acted in ways I did not expect. They were less conniving than the typical vampire mythos. They are pure monsters in this world. Suffice it to say, nobody will fall in love with the vampires of Storberry. Nor will they materialize as heartthrob posters in your 12-year-old daughter’s bedroom.

They won’t turn into bats and flap off into the gloaming. And you’ll need more than a few cloves of garlic from your garden to beat them.

I hope you will appreciate and enjoy Storberry as a throwback novel to the days when monsters were still monsters. Make plenty of popcorn, and read it with the lights low.

Get ready for an old-fashioned trip to the Drive-In!

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