A New Serial Killer Thriller: The Stolen

The Stolen Logan Scarlett

Raise your hand if you’re glad spring is almost here.

I just completed the manuscript for The Bone Forest, the tenth book in the Wolf Laker thriller and mystery series. The novel is now in my editor’s hands. You will be able to read this exciting new series entry early this summer.

Speaking of new books, the new Logan and Scarlett thrillerThe Stolen, hits Amazon April 21. Pre-order the kindle version today, and the book will magically appear on your e-reader as soon as it releases.

The paperback version will be also be available by April 21, and the audiobook is coming soon.

The night Sutter and Monica Steen leave for dinner, they never return home.

Two weeks later, the police drag their bodies out of the river, sending the town into a panic.

The Black River killer is back. Nobody is safe.

When another person goes missing, Jefferson Gildon, a police detective with a checkered past, leads the investigation. But it takes a twisted profiler to enter the mind of a psychopath, and only fugitive serial killer Logan Wolf can solve the case. The trouble is, the FBI is hunting Wolf, even as he tracks the murderer.

If Detective Gildon apprehends the murderer, he’ll redeem himself and stop the psychopath from stealing another life. But he needs Wolf’s expertise to apprehend this new deadly threat.

Lock your doors. The Black River killer is coming.

“The Stolen”: A Descent into the Darkness of Logan and Scarlett’s World

In the chilling sequel to Dan Padavona’s inaugural thriller, “The Stolen” plunges readers once again into the tumultuous dance of detectives, killers, and shadows. While Logan Wolf, the elusive and enigmatic profiler, remains the cornerstone, the narrative intensifies, painting a darker picture of a town gripped by fear and a police force scrambling for answers.

The seemingly tranquil evening of Sutter and Monica Steen is brutally disrupted, marking the beginning of a cascade of terror. Their tragic end in the cold embrace of the river not only leaves a void but also heralds the return of the infamous Black River killer. The name alone is enough to shatter the veneer of safety, and with every tick of the clock, the threat looms larger.

Enter Detective Jefferson Gildon, whose own past is peppered with shades of gray. As he delves into the enigma of the killer, he realizes the maze is more intricate than it appears. It’s not just about catching a killer; it’s about understanding him. And who better to decipher the mind of a psychopath than another? Logan Wolf’s unmatched profiling skills are Gildon’s best shot at halting this reign of terror. But with the FBI hot on Wolf’s trail, the alliance is not only unconventional but fraught with danger.

Padavona masterfully interweaves suspense, psychology, and moral dilemmas in “The Stolen”. The lines between right and wrong blur, trust becomes a luxury, and every knock on the door could signal the Black River killer’s arrival. As readers navigate this twisted tale, they’re left to grapple with a haunting question: In a world filled with darkness, can two unconventional minds bring a glimmer of hope and justice?

The Sonic Revival of “The Stolen”

For those who crave an immersive experience, “The Stolen”, the thrilling sequel in Dan Padavona’s Logan and Scarlett series, now resonates beyond the confines of printed words. Recently launched as an audiobook, it promises to transport listeners directly into the heart of the narrative, amplifying the tension, drama, and suspense that are signature to Padavona’s storytelling. Available on both Audible and iTunes, this auditory rendition breathes life into the characters, adding depth and nuance that only the spoken word can offer.

Audible and iTunes, platforms renowned for their extensive library of audiobooks, ensure that the sonic delivery of “The Stolen” meets the highest standards. Whether you’re on a long commute, working out, or simply lounging at home, this audiobook adaptation provides a new way to experience the enigmatic Logan Wolf’s world. Narration brings an additional layer to the story, allowing listeners to catch subtle inflections, emotions, and undertones, further enhancing the connection to the characters and the plot. For those who have read the book, the audiobook promises a fresh perspective, while newcomers will find it an enthralling introduction to the series. With convenience at its core, diving into the dark depths of “The Stolen” has never been more accessible.

new serial killer thriller coming

Logan Wolf: The Enigma of Modern Thriller Fiction

In the vast universe of thriller characters, Logan Wolf, as crafted by Dan Padavona in the Logan and Scarlett series, stands as an intriguing paradox. He’s not your typical hero; in fact, many would hesitate to call him one. Yet, his presence in the narrative is so commanding that readers can’t help but be drawn into the labyrinth of his psyche.

A man of deep contrasts, Logan’s age and appearance – 37 with striking black hair and piercing blue eyes – are perhaps the simplest things about him. A former esteemed criminal profiler for the BAU, his expertise in understanding the minds of the darkest criminals is unparalleled. However, this is where the lines start to blur. On one hand, he’s the man chasing monsters; on the other, he is one – a serial killer on the run from the FBI. But Logan’s targets are not innocent; he’s after other killers, reminiscent of the antihero Dexter Morgan from Jeff Lindsay’s renowned series.

The complexity of Logan’s character doesn’t stop at his vocation. His personal life, especially his relationship with Scarlett, is marred by shadows of doubt, fueled by sudden disappearances and a lingering silence. His jealousy towards Gardy further muddies the waters of his intentions. Scarlett, a beacon of justice in her own right, often finds herself at the crossroads of trust and skepticism when it comes to Logan.

But what truly sets Logan Wolf apart from other protagonists is his sophistication. His eloquence, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the hauntingly poetic Hannibal Lecter, belies the turmoil within. For those working closely with him, like Bell, this proves both a boon and a curse. While his insights into criminal psychology are invaluable, they’re equally disturbing, casting a perpetual shadow of doubt on his true intentions.

Dan Padavona’s creation of Logan Wolf does more than just offer a thrilling read; it challenges our perceptions of good and evil, forcing readers to grapple with the gray areas of morality. In a genre overflowing with black and white narratives, Logan Wolf emerges as a character who truly embodies the complexities of the human soul. With every page turned, one can’t help but wonder – is Logan Wolf a hero, a villain, or something far more intricate?

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