Authors Similar to Blake Pierce You Can Read on a Kindle

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Are you a fan of Blake Pierce’s thrilling mystery novels? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out some similar authors who can be read on a Kindle. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it should give you some great ideas for new authors to try out if you’re looking for more suspenseful reads.

If you love authors like Blake Pierce and their exciting mystery novels, then you should absolutely see what these other authors have to offer. These authors will bring something fresh to your Kindle library. So if you’ve read all of the books by Blake Pierce, don’t worry — there are plenty of authors similar to Blake Pierce who can provide hours of entertainment on your next adventure!

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Stella Gold

If you’re looking for an author like Blake Pierce, why not try… Blake Pierce? OK, this is a bit of a trick answer because Stella Gold is a pen name for Pierce. Fans of Blake Pierce have been known to overlook these, even though Blake has now republished the series under his own name.

In the Stella Gold mystery series, readers are introduced to the determined and resourceful detective Zoe Prime, who must use all of her skills and intelligence to unravel complex cases that, of course, have life-or-death consequences.

The series begins with Face of Death, in which Zoe is called to investigate seemingly random murders that have rocked her community. As she delves deeper into the case, she realizes that there may be more to these crimes than meets the eye, and she must work quickly to identify the killer before anyone else falls victim.

When Face of Murder, book two in the series, was released, it reignited the world of crime fiction. With its intriguing plot about women being murdered and their bodies branded with mysterious numbers outside Washington D.C., readers couldn’t get enough. 

If you’re a fan of Blake Pierce, there’s a chance that you may have missed out on these fast-paced, gripping mysteries with strong female leads. The Zoe Prime mystery series by Stella Gold/Blake Pierce is certainly worth checking out. Don’t miss out on this thrilling series that keeps you guessing until the end.

Ty Hutchinson

Ty Hutchinson is a great option if you’re looking for an accomplished bestselling author who writes fast-paced, action-packed thrillers with complex, multi-layered plots and captivating characters. One of his most popular series is the Abby Kane thrillers, featuring Abby Kane, a former FBI agent turned private investigator.

Known for her quick wit and determination, Abby tackles cases ranging from missing persons to murder investigations. The series is full of fast-paced action and deliciously unexpected plot twists. If you enjoy Blake Pierce’s mix of mystery and action, then you’ll want to check out Hutchinson’s work.

Hutchinson’s writing style is known for its ability to completely immerse readers in the story, pulling them into the world he has created and holding their attention from beginning to end. His talent for creating tension and building suspense is unmatched, and readers can’t help but feel on the edge of their seats as they turn the pages, eager to see what happens next.

One of the things that set Ty apart as a writer is his dedication to research and attention to detail. He spends countless hours researching and fact-checking every aspect of his stories, ensuring they feel authentic and believable. This level of care and attention to detail is evident on every page of his books, and it’s one of the reasons why his stories feel so real and immersive. 

Darkwater Cove crime thriller


A killer is watching . . .

She’s running from a psychopath. And he knows what frightens her.

After she’s stabbed in the line of duty, FBI Agent Darcy Gellar moves her family to a sleepy seaside community. Living beside the ocean, she finds tranquility…until the police discover the body of a murdered woman on the beach. The village blames her son, a misunderstood boy with anger issues.

Is a serial killer stalking Darkwater Cove?

Darcy knows the boy is innocent. But how does she convince an aggressive police detective? If she fails, her son will go to prison, and the murderer will strike again.

Can Darcy save her child from the police and a bloodthirsty killer?

C.M. Sutter

Sutter is another bestselling author who writes gripping mystery novels with a sprinkling of action. Since the publication of her debut FBI Agent Jade Monroe thriller series, readers have been enchanted by C. M. Sutter’s unique writing style and tough-as-nails heroine.

Fans of authors such as James Patterson and Michael Connelly will relish in the thrill and excitement that Sutter brings to each of her novels, as well as her creative storylines saturated with tight twists and turns. Given that a half million readers have positively reviewed her books, if you’re looking for authors similar to Blake Pierce, it’s hard to go wrong with C.M. Sutter!

With more bestselling books than could be counted on two hands—and more being published every year — you’ll never run out of exciting plots to immerse yourself in for hours at a time.

Carolyn Arnold

Carolyn Arnold is an exceptional and accomplished writer with over forty published books, ranging from cozy mysteries to hard-boiled thrillers. She is an international bestseller, award-winning author, and a captivating speaker and educator.

Her crime fiction novels have been widely acclaimed by leading members of law enforcement for their impressive accuracy and entertaining storylines. So if you’re looking for an author similar to Blake Pierce and you like the real-world feel of his novels, Carolyn Arnold should be on your radar. Start by checking out Carolyn Arnold’s Madison Knight series!

Rick Mofina

Rick Mofina is a bestselling author whose suspenseful mystery novels have gained him a devoted following of readers who can’t get enough of his fast-paced storytelling and heart-pounding plot twists. If you’re a fan of Blake Pierce and enjoy a good crime fiction novel, add Rick Mofina’s books to your reading list.

In addition to several standalone novels, Rick Mofina also has a popular series centered around the character of Kate Page. The Kate Page series is perfect for readers who enjoy a sense of continuity and the ability to follow along with a character’s development. Each book in the series builds on the intrigue of its predecessors, making for a truly immersive reading experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned fan of crime fiction or simply looking for a new author to try out, Rick Mofina’s books are sure to keep you entertained. There’s no better way to spend your free time than getting lost in the pages of one of his must-read novels. So if you’re ready for a heart-pounding adventure that you won’t soon forget, give Rick Mofina’s books a try today!

The Best Kindle Authors Similar to Blake Pierce

If you’re a fan of Blake Pierce’s adrenaline-fueled suspense novels and are looking for more authors to add to your reading list, there are plenty of options. Many talented writers specialize in crafting gripping thrillers that keep readers on the edge of their seats with surprising plot twists, intriguing characters, and captivating action.

No matter what type of thriller you’re in the mood for, you’ll find an author who can deliver the goods. Whether you’re looking for a light and entertaining read or something a little darker, plenty of authors are sure to satisfy your craving for suspense. So if you’re already a fan of Blake Pierce and are looking for more authors to try out, don’t hesitate to explore the many options available. You won’t be disappointed!

Of course, you could also try reading something by this great writer called Dan Padavona! If you’re looking for authors similar to Blake Pierce, give Dead and Buried a try. I’ve made Dead and Buried free to download, so get ready for some serial killer thrills and heart-stopping suspense.

Those are my picks for the best authors similar to Blake Pierce, available on Kindle right now. For more inspiration, check out my choices for the best thrillers on Kindle Unlimited.

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