Dark Horror Books From Your Favorite Store

Dan Padavona’s bestselling dark horror books are now available in dozens of electronic formats, including Kindle, Nook, Apple iBooks, Kobo, and more.

“I’m excited to introduce my brand of horror to new readers,” said Padavona. “For the last few years, my novels were exclusive to Kindle readers. But I’ve had plenty of fans write me and request I make my stories available in all formats. I’m thrilled to say that day has come.”

Storberry, an Amazon bestseller in Horror and Occult, was the first of Padavona’s novels to hit Kobo and Nook in early May. The Face of Midnight quickly followed, along with Quilt, Dark Vanishings, Crawlspace, One Autumn in Kane Grove, and more.

“Only a few anthologies are still under an exclusivity contract with Amazon,” said Padavona, referring to Full Moon Nightmares and The Dark Vanishings Box Set. “However, those contracts expire soon. While my novels will remain available to Amazon Kindle readers, they will no longer be exclusive. And that’s totally in line with expanding my reach through Patreon, where I can interact directly with readers. ”

Now when readers click on Padavona’s horror novels, they will see a myriad of store choices, as seen below.

Padavona credits Draft2Digital for supporting independent horror authors and making the transition from Amazon exclusivity easier.

“I was honestly intimidated,” Padavona admitted. “Sure, I wanted my books available in as many digital formats as possible, but I didn’t relish formatting manuscripts for each retailer and repeatedly writing story synopses. Fortunately, the folks at Draft2Digital automate much of the process. Now Nook and Kobo fans who dig dark horror books can finally read my stories.”

Besides the forthcoming anthologies, Padavona’s stories are coming to additional formats, including audiobooks. Storberry and Crawlspace are currently available through Audible, iTunes, and Amazon. Severity, The Face of Midnight, and Quilt are in production and scheduled for mid-summer audiobook releases.

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