Dark Vanishings Episode 2: Release June 26

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Dark Vanishings Episode 2: Coming June 26

Dark Vanishings: Episode Two (DV2) will be released on Friday June 26! DV2 will be available from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Amazon Prime members and Kindle Unlimited subscribers will be able to borrow Dark Vanishings for FREE.

To whet your appetite:

What would you do if everyone on earth disappeared? Where would you go? What choices would you make?

Tori and Blake flee toward the safety of the new Florida Bliss community, but not everyone in the neighborhood is who they seem to be. Amy and Keeshana return to Chardray, looking for Amy’s father, while Ricky’s dangerous obsession with Amy grows.

A terrible beast tracks Dr. Geldon and Severin through the Great Plains, and only one side will survive the battle. Teetering on the edge of insanity, Jacob’s desperation to escape the Iowa compound grows. Can he escape the demons in his mind and the real evil who stalks the compound?

A blind marine veteran is left to die alone in a lost world. A swamp infested with alligators and snakes stands between the marine and the interstate.

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Dark Vanishings: A Landmark in Post-Apocalyptic Horror and Thrillers

The realm of post-apocalyptic fiction is vast, with contributions spanning various genres, styles, and themes. From Cormac McCarthy’s bleak journey in “The Road” to the chilling nuclear aftermath of Nevil Shute’s “On the Beach”, post-apocalyptic narratives have captured the collective fears and imaginations of generations. Amidst this storied backdrop, Dan Padavona’s Dark Vanishings series emerges as a distinctive voice in the genre. Here, we delve into how this series fits into the broader history of post-apocalyptic horror and thrillers.

A Brief Overview of the Dark Vanishings Series:

Before exploring its significance, it’s essential to understand the basic premise of Dark Vanishings. The series paints a grim world where people vanish without a trace. As the global population dwindles, chaos reigns, and a dark force emerges, intent on eliminating the remaining few. The protagonists navigate this nightmarish landscape, uncovering deeper horrors along the way.

1. Modernizing the Disappearance Trope:

While the theme of mass disappearances isn’t new—think of “The Leftovers” by Tom Perrotta—Padavona’s series stands out by blending horror elements with the familiar post-apocalyptic setting. Instead of focusing solely on the sociological or psychological aftermath, the Dark Vanishings dives deep into the supernatural and macabre, creating a narrative fusion that feels fresh and captivating.

2. Embracing Psychological Horror:

Post-apocalyptic literature often relies on external threats: zombies, nuclear fallout, or environmental collapse. Padavona, however, leans into the psychological terror that accompanies isolation and uncertainty. His characters grapple not just with external menaces, but also with the haunting weight of loneliness and the constant doubt about what caused the disappearances. This emphasis on psychological horror harks back to masters like Edgar Allan Poe but positions it firmly within a modern post-apocalyptic setting.

3. A Commentary on Humanity:

Like many of its predecessors in the genre, Dark Vanishings offers sharp commentary on the human condition. When societal structures crumble, who do we become? Do we cling to morality, or does the primal instinct take over? Through the actions and decisions of his characters, Padavona explores the fragile nature of humanity and the thin line between civilization and chaos.

4. Elevating the Role of the Supernatural:

Many post-apocalyptic narratives are rooted in tangible, real-world threats. But Padavona blurs the lines between the real and the supernatural. This approach gives the series an eerie edge, reminiscent of Stephen King’s work, where the inexplicable and the mundane merge, amplifying the horror manifold.

Dan Padavona’s Dark Vanishings series evolves post-apocalyptic fiction into the modern area. While it respects the conventions of the genre, it isn’t afraid to innovate and introduce new layers of horror. By weaving in psychological dread, supernatural elements, and profound commentary on humanity, Padavona ensures his place in the pantheon of post-apocalyptic storytellers. The series is a reminder that even in well-trodden genres, there’s always room for fresh perspectives and imaginative narratives.

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The feedback for Dark Vanishings Episode 1 (DV1) that I have received through email and social media is fantastic! It is both gratifying and humbling to know so many people are enjoying DV1.

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The Author

Dan Padavona is an intriguing name in modern horror and thriller literature, with a flair for weaving tales that captivate readers’ darkest fears and curiosities. Padavona has carved out his niche in the world of horror fiction. His works often explore the chilling unknown, with narratives that delve into the complexities of the human psyche and the shadows lurking around us. For readers seeking stories that are both unsettling and thought-provoking, delving into Padavona’s worlds offers a journey of suspense, dread, and profound reflection.

Among Padavona’s bestselling titles are Storberry, The Darkwater Cove series, The Wolf Lake series, and The Scarlett Bell FBI serial killer series.

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