Dark Vanishings Episode 2: Release June 26

Dark Vanishings Episode 2: Coming June 26

Dark Vanishings: Episode Two (DV2) will be released on Friday June 26! DV2 will be available from Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Amazon Prime members and Kindle Unlimited subscribers will be able to borrow Dark Vanishings for FREE.

Dark Vanishings Book Two-384To whet your appetite:

What would you do if everyone on earth disappeared? Where would you go? What choices would you make?

Tori and Blake flee toward the safety of the new Florida Bliss community, but not everyone in the neighborhood is who they seem to be. Amy and Keeshana return to Chardray, looking for Amy’s father, while Ricky’s dangerous obsession with Amy grows.

A terrible beast tracks Dr. Geldon and Severin through the Great Plains, and only one side will survive the battle. Teetering on the edge of insanity, Jacob’s desperation to escape the Iowa compound grows. Can he escape the demons in his mind and the real evil who stalks the compound?

A blind marine veteran is left to die alone in a lost world. A swamp infested with alligators and snakes stands between the marine and the interstate.

Review Dark Vanishings on Amazon and unleash your inner Siskel and Ebert

The feedback for Dark Vanishings Episode 1 (DV1) that I have received through email and social media is fantastic! It is both gratifying and humbling to know so many people are enjoying DV1.

If you enjoyed DV1, please post a review on Amazon. Every review helps independent writers get discovered by readers who share your tastes in similar novels. Tell the world about your favorite books and movies. Spread the love!

July Dean Koontz Giveaway

I like to say “thank you” as much as possible. Part of giving thanks is in the form of the periodic giveaway contests I run. Only people like you – my true friends and fans – are eligible to win. And the best part is you are automatically entered for each giveaway if you join my VIP horror community email list.

It gives me great pleasure to share novels and movies that mean a lot to me – stories which I wish to share with you. In July, I will give away a hardcover edition of Dean Koontz’s What the Night Knows.

This hardcover is in very good shape with a sharp-looking glossy cover, perfect for horror collectors. Good luck to everyone in the forthcoming contest.

Once again, thank you for connecting with me!

I hope everyone is enjoying the march into summer. May your gardens grow bountiful!


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