Darkwater Cove: A Serial Killer Thriller

Three years ago, FBI agent Darcy Gellar almost died at the hands of a serial killer. Is the killer back?
Struggling with her demons, Darcy moves her family to Genoa Cove. Then a body surfaces along the coast. And the evidence points to one man: the killer Darcy put behind bars three years ago.
Now Darcy isn’t simply unraveling a mystery. She’s facing a killer who knows what frightens her most.
But the killer should beware. Darcy stopped a serial killer once. And she’ll do it again.

I hope you enjoyed my latest trailer for Darkwater Cove. You can order the entire Darkwater Cove Series on Amazon in Kindle, Paperback, and Audiobook. 
And check out the entire Darkwater Cove book series. Have you read them all?

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