Project Update: A new Wolf Lake thriller is on the way

Happy winter from frigid New York.

What a month.

I just put the finishing touches on Gone, book nine in the Wolf Lake mystery and thriller series, and sent it to my proofreader. At the same time, I’ve been writing the second entry in the Logan and Scarlett series, The Stolen. I expect to complete the manuscript by early next week.

I couldn’t be more excited about Gone. The story pulls you along like a page-turner should, and the characters change and grow in exciting ways. If you’ve come to love Thomas Shepherd and his extended family of friends, this is the book for you.

Speaking of which, Gone hits Amazon February 25. Pre-order the kindle version today, and the book will magically appear on your e-reader when it releases.

The paperback version will be available when the e-book releases on Amazon, and the audiobook is coming this spring.

As always, thank you for supporting my books and being a loyal reader. Your kindness leaves me humbled, grateful, and at a loss for words.

And that’s not easy to do. 🙂

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