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Dean Koontz - What the Night Knows

It’s time to give away another awesome item for horror fans! I’m giving away a hardcover edition of Dean Koontz’s “What the Night Knows” this July. Every member of my horror community mailing list (FREE to join) is automatically entered for a chance to win. Members of my mailing list also are the first to know when my latest novel is about to be released.

I cannot say enough good things about Dean Koontz. His way with words are like no other author’s, and he always tells a gripping story.  All of his novels leave me riveted. This hardcover version of “What the Night Knows” is in excellent shape with a sharp-looking cover, perfect for collectors.

From the description:

In the late summer of a long-ago year, Alton Turner Blackwood brutally murdered four families. His savage spree ended only when he himself was killed by the last survivor of the last family, a fourteen-year-old boy.

Half a continent away and two decades later, someone is murdering families again, re-creating in detail Blackwood’s crimes. Homicide detective John Calvino is certain that his own family—his wife and three children—will be targets, just as his parents and sisters were victims on that distant night when he was fourteen and killed their slayer.

As a detective, John is a man of reason who deals in cold facts. But an extraordinary experience convinces him that sometimes death is not a one-way journey, that sometimes the dead return.

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