Does Hannibal Lecter Blink?

Good morning from Upstate NY,

The days are getting shorter, but we’re enjoying beautiful weather with temperatures near 70 degrees this week. When I’m not outside and taking advantage of the sun, I’m busy writing the first two novels in my new Wolf Lake thriller series.

Question: Did you ever notice Hannibal Lecter never blinked during Silence of the Lambs? I discovered this interesting interview with Anthony Hopkins on YouTube and thought you’d enjoy it. For those of us old enough to remember The Dick Cavett show, this a fun piece of nostalgia.

What’s your favorite Hannibal characteristic or mannerism?

Her Last Breath

I got the cover art back for Her Last Breath, the first book in my new Wolf Lake thriller series, and it blew me away. I love the colors and atmosphere my designer conveyed. Caroline Teagle Johnson, who also designed the Darkwater Cove series covers, is an amazing talent.

The release date is December 9, and I can’t wait for you to read Her Last Breath.

I’d better get back to writing. Please drop me a line anytime you have a question. 🙂

Have a great day, and thank you for reading.

Dan Padavona

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