Her Last Breath Hits Top-50 in Psychological Thrillers

Woot! We did it!

Because so many of you read Her Last Breath, we peaked in the Top-50 of Psychological Thrillers on Amazon. This is my first novel to reach these lofty heights, and I have my loyal readers to thank.

He’s hunting a psychopath. And now the killer wants him dead.

After he’s shot in the line of duty, Detective Thomas Shepherd returns to Wolf Lake to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Living beside the water, he finds peace…until the body of a missing woman washes up on his shore and the town blames a teenage boy with a history of violence. Is a killer stalking the sleepy resort village?

Thomas isn’t convinced the teenager committed murder. Challenging a village that wants justice at any cost, he pursues the real killer as evidence mounts against the teenager. If he fails, an innocent boy will go to prison.

Can Thomas clear the boy’s name before he becomes the killer’s next victim?

Her Last Breath is the first book in the Wolf Lake Thriller series. The sequel, Fatal Mercy, hits Amazon on January 21st.


Thank you again for reading.


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