7 Hot New Suspense Authors You Should Read Now

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Are you tired of reading the same old names and craving some fresh talent? The world of suspense is evolving, and new suspense authors are emerging with innovative and gripping narratives. Especially if you have a penchant for dark thrillers, you’ll want to pay attention. I’ve dug deep and found 7 hot new suspense authors that are sure to send shivers down your spine. Let’s get right to the authors!

Certainly! Let’s introduce LT Ryan to our list, giving readers another exciting option to explore.

Suspense Author 1 – LT Ryan

Introduction and Background

Among the new suspense authors making waves is LT Ryan, a writer whose action-packed and engaging thrillers have garnered a loyal following. His characters are multifaceted, his plots are elaborate, and his pacing is relentless, making him a standout in the suspense genre.

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Notable Works

  • “The Jack Noble Series”: An international espionage thriller series that follows the adventures of a former Marine Corps assassin turned private investigator.
  • “The Depth of Darkness”: A gripping stand-alone novel that delves into the realms of conspiracy and political intrigue.

Why You Should Read Him

LT Ryan’s ability to craft thrilling narratives that combine action, suspense, and character development makes him one of the hottest new suspense authors to follow. His understanding of military tactics and international espionage adds authenticity to his novels, making them must-reads for fans of action-packed suspense.

What sets Ryan apart is his knack for weaving intricate plots without losing sight of the human element. His characters are real, relatable, and often faced with moral dilemmas that add depth to the thrill.

Recommendations for Starting

For those looking to dive into LT Ryan’s exciting world of suspense, starting with the first book in the “Jack Noble Series” is a fantastic way to get acquainted with his unique style. The series is both intense and thought-provoking, solidifying his reputation among new suspense authors.

Certainly! Let’s include the talented Leslie Wolfe in our list of intriguing suspense authors.

Suspense Author 2 – Leslie Wolfe

Introduction and Background

Leslie Wolfe, another remarkable name among new suspense authors, has established herself as a powerhouse in crafting psychological thrillers and police procedurals. With a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of the human mind, Wolfe’s writing resonates with readers who enjoy multi-layered plots and intense character development.

Notable Works

  • “The Watson Girl”: A gripping psychological thriller that explores a serial killer’s mind.
  • “The Tess Winnett Series”: A police procedural series that follows a tenacious FBI agent as she unravels complex crimes.

Why You Should Read Her

Leslie Wolfe’s distinctive approach to suspense focuses on not only the what and the how but also the why. Her ability to delve into the psychological aspects of crime sets her apart from other new suspense authors, providing readers with a deeper, more fulfilling experience.

Wolfe’s novels are intelligent, thought-provoking, and pulse-pounding, delivering on the promise of suspense while also challenging readers to think. Her exploration of characters’ motivations, fears, and vulnerabilities adds a richness that makes her novels stand out in the crowded field of suspense.

Recommendations for Starting

If you’re new to Leslie Wolfe’s thrilling world, starting with “The Watson Girl” is an excellent introduction. The novel’s intricate plot, combined with Wolfe’s insights into the criminal mind, offers an unforgettable experience, making it a must-read among the works of new suspense authors.

Certainly! We’ll include Willow Rose, another exceptional name in the realm of suspense.

Suspense Author 3 – Willow Rose

Introduction and Background

Willow Rose, renowned as the “Queen of Scream,” is a must-read for those exploring new suspense authors. With a flair for creating hauntingly vivid scenes and characters that leap off the page, Rose’s writing is a thrilling blend of mystery, horror, and suspense.

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Notable Works

  • “The Emma Frost Series”: A chilling mystery series set in a small Danish town, blending Scandinavian folklore with modern suspense.
  • “The Jack Ryder Series”: A fast-paced thriller series with unforgettable twists and turns.

Why You Should Read Her

Willow Rose’s novels are not for the faint of heart. Among new suspense authors, she stands out for her ability to craft terrifying scenarios that stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page.

Her storytelling is rich, her characters are complex, and her plot developments are unexpected, making her works a treasure trove for suspense enthusiasts. Rose masterfully combines elements of mystery, horror, and thriller genres, delivering a reading experience that is both unique and riveting.

Recommendations for Starting

To begin your journey with Willow Rose, “The Emma Frost Series” is an excellent starting point. The blend of suspense with elements of folklore and mystery offers a fresh and thrilling experience, distinguishing her among new suspense authors.

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Absolutely! Let’s add suspense author LT Vargus to our impressive lineup.

Suspense Author 4 – LT Vargus and Tim McBain

Introduction and Background

LT Vargus and Tim McBain, prominent names among new suspense authors, has been garnering attention with their gripping tales that blend suspense, mystery, and dark themes. LT’s collaboration with fellow author Tim McBain has produced several standout series, showcasing her ability to create atmospheric and haunting narratives.

Notable Works

  • The Scattered and the Dead Series: A post-apocalyptic suspense series that explores survival, humanity, and fear.
  • “The Violet Darger Series”: A thriller series that follows an FBI profiler as she unravels twisted and complex cases.

Why You Should Read Them

LT Vargus stands out among new suspense authors for her intricate plots and vivid world-building. Her ability to craft scenarios that are both terrifying and believable makes her works a standout in the genre.

Her collaboration with Tim McBain has produced a writing style that is fluid and engaging, with characters that are deeply fleshed out and storylines that keep readers on the edge of their seats. If you are looking for thrillers that are both cerebral and emotionally charged, LT Vargus is an author you should explore.

Recommendations for Starting

For those looking to dive into LT Vargus’s suspenseful world, starting with “The Violet Darger Series” is an excellent choice. The series offers a combination of psychological depth, thrilling action, and captivating mysteries, a testament to their prowess among new suspense authors.

Certainly! Let’s include suspense author TR Ragan in our extensive list.

Suspense Author 5 – TR Ragan

Introduction and Background

TR Ragan, an experienced and widely celebrated name among suspense authors, has carved a unique niche in the world of crime and mystery. With an emphasis on strong, resilient characters and tightly-woven plots, Ragan’s work adds a remarkable depth to the landscape of new suspense authors.

Notable Works

  • “The Lizzy Gardner Series”: A series that follows a private investigator as she faces her dark past and untangles complex mysteries.
  • “Sawyer Brooks Series”: A suspenseful series centered around a crime journalist who uncovers shocking truths and dark secrets.

Why You Should Read Her

What sets TR Ragan apart among new suspense authors is her ability to create relatable and courageous characters who are easy to root for. Her writing is not only suspenseful but also emotional, exploring themes of survival, resilience, and justice.

Her stories are more than mere thrillers; they are journeys into the human soul, where characters wrestle with their past, confront their fears, and seek redemption. If you’re looking for suspense novels with depth, heart, and unrelenting tension, TR Ragan is an author you need to explore.

Recommendations for Starting

To begin your exploration of TR Ragan’s suspenseful world, the “Lizzy Gardner Series” is an ideal starting point. With its blend of psychological insight, thrilling action, and powerful character development, this series encapsulates what makes Ragan one of the most compelling new suspense authors.

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Certainly! Let’s add suspense author AJ Rivers to our rich and diverse lineup.

Suspense Author 6 – AJ Rivers

Introduction and Background

AJ Rivers, a relatively new name on the suspense scene, has quickly established herself as one of the most promising new suspense authors. Her blend of psychological insight, riveting storytelling, and complex characters offers readers a thrilling and emotionally engaging experience.

Notable Works

  • “Emma Griffin FBI Series”: A suspenseful series that follows an FBI agent as she unravels intricate mysteries and confronts her own hidden past.
  • “The Girl in Cabin 13”: A standalone novel that masterfully blends suspense, mystery, and drama in a tightly-woven plot.

Why You Should Read Her

AJ Rivers stands out among new suspense authors for her attention to character development and her ability to weave intricate plots that keep readers guessing until the very end. Her writing style is fluid and engaging, with a perfect balance of tension and emotional resonance.

Her novels often explore the human psyche, creating a deep connection between the reader and the characters. If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers with a heart-pounding pace and relatable characters, AJ Rivers is an author you’ll want to explore.

Recommendations for Starting

A great place to begin with AJ Rivers is the “Emma Griffin FBI Series.” This series showcases Rivers’ skill in crafting suspenseful, engaging narratives that not only entertain but also challenge and inspire. It’s a standout example of what makes her one of the compelling new suspense authors of our time.

Certainly! Let’s integrate suspense author Lisa Regan into our extensive compilation of thrilling writers.

Suspense Author 7 – Lisa Regan

Introduction and Background

Lisa Regan, a prominent figure among suspense authors, has won over readers with her captivating and intense crime thrillers. Her rich experience in criminal justice lends authenticity and depth to her work, earning her a well-deserved spot among today’s new suspense authors.

Notable Works

  • Detective Josie Quinn Series: A bestselling series that follows the relentless detective Josie Quinn as she faces complex cases and battles personal demons.
  • “Cold Heart Creek”: A gripping standalone novel that combines police procedural elements with edge-of-your-seat suspense.

Why You Should Read Her

Lisa Regan’s writing stands out among new suspense authors for its vivid portrayal of law enforcement and its intricate, suspenseful plotlines. Her novels are as engaging as they are authentic, blending thrilling storytelling with a keen understanding of criminal investigation.

Her characters are more than mere protagonists; they are complex individuals facing real challenges, both professional and personal. If you’re drawn to suspense with a dose of reality, intense investigation, and multifaceted characters, Lisa Regan is an author you must explore.

Recommendations for Starting

A perfect entry point into Lisa Regan’s world of suspense is the “Detective Josie Quinn Series.” With its combination of relentless action, psychological insight, and procedural accuracy, this series encapsulates what makes Regan one of the most intriguing new suspense authors.


With the inclusion of Lisa Regan, our list of new suspense authors now represents a comprehensive spectrum of the most exciting and innovative voices in the genre. From the human complexity of TR Ragan and the psychological artistry of AJ Rivers, to the criminal expertise of Lisa Regan, this lineup offers a rich tapestry of suspenseful storytelling.

These new suspense authors are not only writing novels; they are creating immersive worlds, pioneering new paths, and reimagining what suspense can be. They are adding depth, diversity, and dynamism to a genre that continues to evolve and thrill.

Whether you’re a devoted fan of suspense or venturing into this thrilling world for the first time, this collection of authors promises a journey filled with intrigue, excitement, and discovery. Each author contributes a unique flavor, perspective, and essence that makes the suspense genre as vibrant and vital as ever.

Dive into their works, embrace the thrill, and let these masters of suspense guide you through the dark and exhilarating realms of human emotion, conflict, and mystery. The adventure awaits, and it’s more thrilling than ever. Happy reading!

Comparison and Connection

These new suspense authors aren’t just writing thrilling stories; they’re redefining the genre by bringing their unique backgrounds, experiences, and insights into their work. From forensic science to anthropology, they’re breathing new life into dark thrillers.

The world of suspense and thrillers is rich and continually evolving, thanks to the fresh voices and perspectives of these hot new suspense authors. They’re not just telling stories; they’re inviting us into worlds filled with complexity, darkness, and intrigue.

Whether you’re a seasoned thriller reader or just venturing into the world of suspense, these new suspense authors offer something for everyone. So grab a book, settle into your favorite reading spot, and prepare to be taken on a wild and thrilling ride!

Additional Resources

For more on these exciting new suspense authors, check out their websites, follow them on social media, and join their newsletter for the latest updates and releases. Happy reading!

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