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The Face of Midnight: coming soon

In the dark corners of New York, a grisly discovery is made: a young girl’s severed head tucked away in a sluice pipe. The city’s fears are confirmed – The Midnight Killer has resurfaced, and his reign of terror is far from over.

Immerse yourself in this chilling narrative, where every page turn builds to an echoing crescendo, evoking the eerie vibes of John Carpenter’s Halloween.

Meet Becca, a resilient girl on the streets, who’s mastered the art of slipping into vacant homes unnoticed. Her latest recruit, a new friend, is eager to learn her secrets. But as shadows of Becca’s past threaten to engulf her, the lines between survival and danger blur.

Ever pondered the desperation of seeking refuge in unfamiliar places? The daunting possibility of choosing a deadly sanctuary? Becca’s choices lead her straight to the lair of New York’s most feared serial killer. Amidst a relentless storm in October, she seeks solace in an old, forsaken farmhouse. But within its creaking walls, something sinister stirs. Outside, The Midnight Killer is on the hunt. Inside, malevolent forces awaken. And to make matters worse, it’s Halloween.

Justin H. exclaims, “One of the better horror stories I’ve read!”

Brace yourself for an electrifying journey through darkness and dread. If you’ve ever been thrilled by the works of Richard Laymon, Stephen King, Brian Keene, and Jack Ketchum, then The Face of Midnight is your next chilling read.

“The Face of Midnight”: A Chilling Descent into the Heart of Darkness

With the countless number of thriller novels crowding bookshelves, every once in a while, a gem surfaces that demands to be read, discussed, and remembered. “The Face of Midnight” is undeniably one such treasure.

A Sinister Return

When a girl’s severed head is eerily found in a sluice pipe, it signals the return of New York’s most dreaded monster: The Midnight Killer. His heinous spree, interwoven with whispers and shadows, sets the city on edge once more. The narrative, reminiscent of John Carpenter’s classic “Halloween”, delivers a blood-chilling atmosphere that creeps under the skin.

The Art of Stealth and Survival

At the center of this dark tapestry is Becca, a young street-smart survivor. Her knack for stealthily sneaking into uninhabited houses offers a glimpse into the lengths some are forced to take in their desperate quest for safety. It’s an art she’s willing to teach, but with it comes a haunting past that’s hard to shake off. Her journey is one of resilience, grit, and the blurred boundaries of right and wrong.

A Fateful Night of Terror

The plot crescendos when Becca, trying to escape an unhinged stalker, takes refuge in what she believes to be an abandoned farmhouse. As the ferocity of an October storm rages outside, she finds herself trapped between the sadistic designs of The Midnight Killer and the malevolent spirits inhabiting her supposed sanctuary. And the narrative reminds readers: it’s Halloween. Every creak, every shadow, every whisper becomes a heartbeat of suspense.

Critics and Fans Rave

Endorsements have flowed in for “The Face of Midnight”, with many readers drawing comparisons to horror maestros like Richard Laymon, Stephen King, Brian Keene, and Jack Ketchum. As Justin H. aptly puts it, “One of the better horror stories I’ve read!”

“The Face of Midnight” is not just a story. It’s an experience, a midnight dance with fear. In a genre inundated with predictable plots and overdone clichés, this book offers a refreshing, gripping, and ultimately haunting narrative that promises to linger long after the last page is turned. Dive into its depths if you dare, but remember: darkness is best faced with a candle nearby. Prepare to be entranced, horrified, and utterly captivated.

The Face of Midnight artwork

Dan Padavona: Master of Modern Horror

Horror, as a genre, has been graced with many illustrious names that have shaped its contours through the years. Among these names, Dan Padavona stands out as a beacon of modern horror, presenting tales that grip the mind and chill the soul.

Early Life

Details of Padavona’s early life are sparse. It is believed he had a deep love for storytelling from a young age. His passion for the written word, combined with a penchant for the macabre, inevitably led him down the path of a horror writer.

Inspiration and Writing Style

Padavona’s writing draws inspiration from the everyday and the mundane, twisting them into narratives of unease and dread. He possesses an uncanny ability to transform ordinary scenarios into chilling tales, reminding readers of the lurking horrors in the shadows of daily life.

While many authors lean on supernatural elements to instill fear, Padavona’s strength lies in his exploration of human psyche, emotions, and the horrors birthed from them. His understanding of human nature and its dark corners sets him apart in the horror literature space.

Works and Recognition

Dan Padavona has penned several novels, each one contributing to his legacy as a horror maestro. His stories range from psychological horror to dark fantasy, always with a touch of realism that makes the terror palpable.

Throughout his career, Padavona has received praise for his unique voice and narrative style. His books have not only been well-received by horror aficionados but also have resonated with those new to the genre, demonstrating his universal appeal.

Legacy and Impact

Dan Padavona’s contribution to horror is indisputable. He has cemented his place among the contemporary greats with his unflinching portrayal of fear and his ability to delve deep into the human psyche. His works serve as an inspiration for budding horror writers, illustrating that the most terrifying tales often stem from the most ordinary places.

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