Serial Killer Thriller Cover Reveal

Born in Blood: A new serial killer thriller novel


Mystery and thriller author DanPadavona here again, and today I’m inside of my beautiful sunroom, letting the rain fall down on everybody but me. I’m enjoying my favorite time of year.

So what time of year is it? Halloween already passed. That can’t be it. Is it Halloween? Is it Christmas?

No. It’s . . .


. . . cover reveal day!


Thank you . . . thank you very much.

So I am releasing book five in the Logan and Scarlett serial killer book series, Born in Blood, on February 17 on Amazon, and it will be available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback, with the audio book coming shortly thereafter.

This one is going to be a really horrifying installment in the Logan and Scarlett series.

Now whenever I create a mystery or a thriller, especially a serial killer thriller, I want the best cover available something that really grabs attention. Readers judge books by their covers. So it’s important that you always choose a cover, which is top notch and is going to stand out from all the others, especially again, like I said when you’re creating something creepy, like a serial killer thriller.

I work with Caroline Teagle Johnson through Reedsy. The only difficulty I have working with Caroline is whenever she sends me all these choices, they’re all so darn good that I don’t know which one to choose. And in this case I decided for Born in Blood that it was the creepy cabin in the woods for the win.

The fourth book in the Logan and Scarlet serial killer thriller series, The Killer Inside, releases this Friday, December the second, so I really hope you’ll check it out. It will be available on Kindle, free to read in Kindle Unlimited as always, and also in paperback and audiobook.

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And as always, thank you so much for reading my thrillers.

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