Daddy’s Little Girls: Mystery Book Reveal

Wolf Lake Daddy's Little Girls

Thomas Shepherd Mystery Book #2 Cover


Thriller and mystery writer Dan Padavona back with another cover reveal.

Already? Yeah, another cover reveal.

As you already know, the first book in the new Thomas Shepherd mystery series Grave Girl releases on December the 27th, and the preorder is available now on Amazon. But did you also know that the sequel to that book is scheduled to release on January 20? It’s already in our crosshairs; it’s coming right up just after the holiday season. The second book is titled Daddy’s Little Girls. This promises to be the most hair raising Wolf Lake or Thomas Shepherd book I’ve written in quite some time. I think you’re really going to enjoy this one. The preorder to Daddy’s Little Girls is also available already on Amazon, so you can check that out now. I encourage you to buy the book now, so that Amazon automatically delivers it to your Kindle as soon as it releases. That way you won’t miss a second of the fun.

A lot of people ask me, why don’t you have pre orders on your paperbacks? That is an Amazon decision. As of now, Amazon doesn’t allow indie authors like myself to issue a paperback preorder. I hope that they will in the near future. It’s obviously in their best interest as well as the author’s best interest. So I think it’s just a matter of time. It’s going to happen. Either way, I always promise that my paperbacks are going to be released on the same date as the Kindle releases, unless there’s some type of technical issue that gets in the way. In fact, the last few times that I’ve done releases, the paperback has actually come out a day or two ahead of time. So that’s a hint for everybody. If you want to check out my author page on Amazon and look for Daddy’s Little Girl,s it may pop in a little bit sooner than you anticipated. So keep looking for it as the release date approaches.

So here we go. This is the cover reveal for Daddy’s little girls. And this is an amazing cover, a striking cover. Again, designed by the great Caroline Teagle Johnson, who I work with through Reedsy. This is another excellent cover by Caroline and as usual, she sent me some amazing options. It was very difficult to choose. I ended up choosing this one. The imagery is a little bit different than what I’ve used in previous books. So I thought that it would be nice change up and also it’s just such a striking image, especially with the text. So I think it’s perfect.

So look for Daddy’s Little Girls, the sequel to Grave Girl in the Thomas Shepherd mystery series. It is available now for pre order. So get ready. Lots of great stories are coming your way.

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