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The Horror Show with Brian Keene will celebrate its 100th episode with a 24-hour telethon to support Scares That Care.

The telethon will run from 12 PM EST Thursday January 26th until 12 PM EST Friday January 27th.

Brian Keene’s YouTube channel will provide a live stream of this charity event, which is scheduled to feature guests, mayhem, and a ton of fun. If you wish to attend the event in person and be part of the live studio audience, The Horror Show will broadcast from The Holiday Inn Express Hunt Valley in Cockeysville, Maryland, located on 11200 York Road.

Scares That Care: Horror With a Heart

In the realm of horror, where terror and dark tales reign supreme, there lies a beacon of hope and kindness: Scares That Care. Far from just a catchy name, this charity represents the horror community’s commitment to making a tangible, positive impact in the real world. Here’s a deeper look at this unique organization that melds the love of horror with charitable endeavors.

The Origins of Scares That Care

Founded by Joe Ripple in 2006, Scares That Care started as a dream to bring together horror enthusiasts for a noble cause. Ripple, a retired police detective, saw firsthand the devastating effects of illnesses, burns, and other life-altering challenges. Driven by a desire to give back and make a difference, he sought to harness the passion of the horror community and direct it toward helping those in need.

The Charity’s Mission

Scares That Care operates on a dual mission. First, it seeks to provide financial assistance to families burdened by childhood illnesses, breast cancer, and severe burn injuries. Secondly, it aims to unite the often-misunderstood horror community in the shared pursuit of alleviating real-world suffering. Through annual donations, the charity has provided relief to numerous families, helping them cope with medical bills, recovery processes, and the emotional toll of their respective battles.

Scares That Care Weekend Convention

One of the primary fundraisers for the charity is the Scares That Care Weekend Convention. This event, hosted annually, is a thrilling convergence of horror enthusiasts, creators, and celebrities. Attendees have the opportunity to meet prominent figures in the horror industry, participate in costume contests, attend film screenings, and purchase unique memorabilia. However, what truly sets this convention apart is its underlying purpose. Every photo op, autograph, and merchandise sale contributes to the charity’s noble goals.

Horror Community’s Embrace

The embrace of Scares That Care by the horror community underscores the depth and compassion that often goes overlooked among fans of the genre. Contrary to the misconception of horror aficionados being solely drawn to darkness and morbidity, the community’s support for this charity highlights their keen sensitivity to real-world suffering and their eagerness to effect positive change.

Scares That Care is more than just a charity; it’s proof of the power of community and a shared purpose. In a world where fiction’s monsters can terrify and captivate, it’s heartening to see horror fans join forces to combat the real monsters of illness, injury, and hardship. Through their dedicated efforts, they prove that even in the darkest narratives, there’s always room for hope, compassion, and kindness.

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Brian Keene: Horror Maestro with a Heart for ‘Scares That Care’

When one thinks of horror literature, terrifying tales of supernatural entities, apocalyptic scenarios, and spine-chilling narratives come to mind. Brian Keene, a celebrated figure in the horror literature sphere, is well-known for crafting such tales. However, beyond the pages of his eerie stories, Keene’s dedication to the horror charity, ‘Scares That Care,’ showcases a juxtaposition to his dark writings, revealing a heart deeply committed to making a difference.

The Man Behind the Horror

Brian Keene, with a bibliography that spans novels, comics, and essays, is renowned for reinvigorating the horror genre. Works like “The Rising” and “Ghoul” have cemented his status as a modern master of horror, drawing readers into post-apocalyptic worlds and confronting them with the very essence of fear. His influence on contemporary horror literature is undeniable, with countless readers and writers alike citing him as an inspiration.

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Keene’s Connection to ‘Scares That Care’

Beyond his narrative contributions, Brian Keene’s association with ‘Scares That Care’ underscores his dedication to the horror community and its altruistic endeavors. Recognizing the charity’s mission to provide relief to those battling illnesses and injuries, Keene has been an active and vocal supporter. His involvement ranges from promoting the charity on his platforms, attending the ‘Scares That Care’ Weekend Convention, and even organizing fundraisers.

Keene’s annual 24-hour live streaming telethon, where he and fellow horror authors, artists, and fans come together, has garnered significant attention and funds for the charity. These efforts are a testament to his unwavering commitment to channeling the energy of the horror community towards a benevolent cause.

A Beacon for the Horror Community

Brian Keene’s advocacy for ‘Scares That Care’ amplifies the often-overlooked aspect of the horror community – its deep-seated compassion and solidarity. By leveraging his status and influence, Keene has rallied both creators and fans to contribute to the charity, highlighting the profound empathy within the community. His endeavors shatter misconceptions about horror enthusiasts, proving that their passion for dark tales doesn’t eclipse their sensitivity to real-world challenges.


In Brian Keene, the horror community finds a figure who beautifully balances the realms of dark fiction and real-world activism. His support for ‘Scares That Care’ goes beyond mere endorsement; it’s a heartfelt commitment to alleviating tangible suffering. Through his efforts, Keene not only enriches the world of horror literature but also champions the cause of those battling real-life horrors, demonstrating that within the heart of darkness, there’s an enduring light of hope and kindness.

For more information about this important charity event, visit The Horror Show’s official website.

Scares That Care is a 501C charity.

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