Vampire Horror Comes To Audio Book

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Remember when I told you my novels are coming to audio book?

Good news!

Vampire horror novel, Storberry, which hit the #1 ranking in Occult Horror on Amazon in 2016, is now an audio book. Paul-Alexandre Petit provides a creepy narration, lending the perfect voice for this classic vampire horror tale.

“Storberry”: Return to the Terrifying Roots of Vampire Lore

In a time when the image of the vampire has been glamorized, romanticized, and often made benign, Dan Padavona’s “Storberry” takes a bold step back into the shadows, reminding readers of the original terror that once made the undead nightwalkers a thing of true horror. Drawing from the darker veins of the vampire myth, Padavona ensures that the creatures of the night are feared once again.

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1. Authenticity in Portrayal:

Throughout literary history, vampires have undergone various metamorphoses. From Bram Stoker’s iconic “Dracula” to Anne Rice’s aristocratic immortals in “The Vampire Chronicles” and then to the glittering, angst-filled figures of Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight,” the perception of vampires has seen drastic shifts. “Storberry” dispenses with the allure and presents the vampire as a primal, predatory force. Padavona’s vampires are not beings to be romanced; they are to be feared.

2. Storberry: The Setting is Key:

The town of Storberry, atmospheric and isolated, provides the perfect backdrop for a vampire horror story. Small towns in horror literature are often microcosms of the larger world, and Storberry is no exception. Its populace, unaware of the lurking danger, are reminiscent of the many who disregard old legends and tales as mere superstition. It’s this disbelief and unpreparedness that adds layers of vulnerability to the narrative.

3. A Nod to Classics:

Readers will find echoes of older vampire tales in “Storberry.” The sense of encroaching dread, the desperate attempts of a few to ward off an overpowering evil, and the race against time as darkness literally and metaphorically closes in—all are themes reminiscent of the classics. Yet, while Padavona pays homage to these older tales, he gives the narrative his unique touch, ensuring that the story feels both familiar and refreshingly new.

4. A Modern Tale with Age-old Fears:

What’s particularly commendable about “Storberry” is its ability to tap into age-old fears while setting them in a contemporary context. The novel does not merely rely on nostalgia; it addresses modern sensibilities, making the fear visceral and relatable for today’s readers.

5. Revitalizing the Genre:

Dan Padavona’s “Storberry” serves as a stark reminder that the horror genre, especially vampire fiction, is malleable. It can be adapted and changed, but its roots remain potent. By returning to the original essence of vampire horror, Padavona not only pays tribute to what made these creatures iconic in horror literature but also sets the stage for future writers to explore the genre in its purest form.

“Storberry” by Dan Padavona is a must-read for those who yearn for the days when vampires were symbols of pure, unadulterated horror. It’s a return to the tales told in hushed tones around campfires, of creatures of the night who inspired fear and awe, reminding readers and writers alike of the raw power and potential of the vampire myth.

Take Storberry in the car or listen while you exercise, but be prepared for plenty of chills and sleepless nights. Storberry is available on audio book from Amazon, iTunes, and Audible.

On a personal note, I was awestruck by a Brian Keene tweet.

That moment when one of your horror novelist heroes gives your book love.

This year? Jack Ketchum’s Gorilla In My Room and the two most recent from @DanPadavona and @BHodgeAuthor are high on my list for books I’ve read this year so far.

— BrianKeene (@BrianKeene) March 25, 2018

Quilt - Dark Horror

To say I was humbled by Brian Keene’s love for Quilt would be a massive understatement. I’m truly blessed so many readers said nice things about my latest novella.  Thank you, everyone. And thank you, Brian.

More good news. Production for the Crawlspace audio book is complete, and it will be available for purchase in the next 10 to 14 days. Daniel McColly’s narration is tremendous, exactly the voice I was looking for.

And I’ve already brought McColly on board for The Face of Midnight, which is targeted for an early-summer release.

Dan Padavona: Horror Author

Dan Padavona is an emerging horror author known for infusing his tales with raw, atmospheric dread. Drawing inspiration from classic horror themes, Padavona’s works often delve deep into the darker aspects of humanity, pitting his characters against both supernatural evils and their personal demons. His ability to craft intense and immersive narratives has garnered him a dedicated following among horror enthusiasts.

With titles like “Storberry,” “Dark Vanishings,” and “Quilt” to his name, he stands out for his commitment to returning horror to its terrifying roots, ensuring that readers experience the chill of fear long after they’ve turned the last page.

horror bride

Brian Keene: Horror Grandmaster

Brian Keene, born on September 22, 1967, in Pennsylvania, is a renowned figure in the world of horror literature. He burst onto the scene in the early 2000s with his debut novel “The Rising,” which reimagined the zombie apocalypse genre and quickly garnered him acclaim. Keene’s work is characterized by its blend of traditional horror tropes with contemporary settings and social issues, leading him to be recognized as a significant voice in modern horror fiction. His other notable works include “Ghoul,” “Dark Hollow,” and “City of the Dead.” Beyond his novels, Keene has contributed to the comic book industry, working on titles such as “The Last Zombie” and “Dead of Night: Devil Slayer.”

Throughout his career, Brian Keene has been lauded not only for his storytelling prowess but also for his deep understanding of the horror genre’s intricacies. His works often delve into the psychological and emotional depths of horror, providing readers with a visceral experience. Beyond his written works, Keene is a prominent figure in the horror community, often speaking at conventions, hosting the “The Horror Show with Brian Keene” podcast, and actively engaging with fans and fellow authors alike. His influence and contributions have solidified his status as a mainstay in the horror literature world.

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