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I’ve had a few readers mention to me that they follow me on social media, but my novel release announcements get lost in the noise. Great news. Amazon implemented a new “Follow” option, and it is totally awesome. When your favorite authors release new books, Amazon sends you notifications so you never miss out.

So how do you sign up?

Just go to the author pages of your favorite writers and click the big “Follow” button below their photo. Boom! You’re in like Flynn.  You’ll receive an email at the account associated with your Amazon registration when the author releases a new book. You can sign up to follow as many authors as you so desire.


The Power of the ‘Follow’ Button: Connecting with Your Favorite Authors on Amazon

Amazon has truly revolutionized the world of books and reading. From its vast collection of e-books to the seamless purchasing experience, it has made reading more accessible to people around the globe. Among the many features that Amazon offers to enhance the reading experience, one simple yet potent tool stands out: the “Follow” button on an author’s profile. This button is more than just a digital stamp of approval; it opens up a world of benefits for avid readers. Let’s delve into the advantages of clicking that “Follow” button.

  1. Stay Updated: The primary benefit of following an author on Amazon is receiving notifications whenever they release a new book. For readers who are eagerly awaiting the next installment in a series or are keen to explore every book by their favorite author, this ensures they don’t miss out. It takes the hassle out of manually checking for new releases.
  2. Exclusive Content: Some authors use the Amazon platform to share exclusive content, snippets from upcoming books, or behind-the-scenes looks at their writing process. By following the author, readers get a front-row seat to these unique insights, enhancing their connection with the books they love.
  3. Special Offers and Deals: Amazon occasionally runs promotions on books, and by following an author, readers might get early access or be informed of discounts on that author’s titles. This not only saves money but can introduce readers to titles they might not have considered before.
  4. Enhanced Reader-Author Connection: In the digital age, the boundary between authors and their readers has diminished. By following an author, readers can feel a stronger connection to the person behind the stories they love. It creates a virtual bond that can enrich the reading experience.
  5. Recommendations: Amazon’s algorithm works in mysterious ways. By following an author, the platform gets a clearer idea of a reader’s preferences. This can lead to more accurate book recommendations, tailoring the browsing experience to individual tastes.
  6. Supporting the Author: Beyond the tangible benefits, following an author is a small gesture that can mean a lot. It signals to the author that their work is appreciated and helps boost their visibility on the platform. For many authors, especially those just starting out, every follower can make a difference in building a readership.
  7. Engaging with a Community: Authors often have a community of dedicated fans who share interests, discussions, and recommendations. By following an author, readers can become part of this community, opening up new avenues for book discussions and recommendations.

The “Follow” button on Amazon is a small tool with big advantages. It serves as a bridge, connecting readers to authors in a way that enriches the overall reading experience. Whether you’re looking to stay updated with new releases, get exclusive content, or simply show support to an author you admire, the “Follow” button is your gateway. So, the next time you stumble upon an author you adore on Amazon, don’t forget to hit “Follow” and dive deeper into the world of their stories.

While I recommend this new Amazon feature to readers, I also believe the best way to stay in touch with your favorite writers is through their newsletters. You’ll get a more personal touch with an email newsletter, and many writers (myself included) run giveaways and incentives for fans who sign up.

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The Author’s Newsletter: A Deeper Dive into the World of Your Favorite Writers

While following an author on Amazon undoubtedly offers several benefits, subscribing to an author’s personal newsletter can elevate your connection to new heights. An author’s newsletter is a more intimate space, allowing fans to immerse themselves further into the universe of their favorite storyteller. Let’s explore why this direct line of communication often surpasses even the convenience of the “Follow” button on Amazon.

  1. Personalized Content: Newsletters are crafted by the authors themselves, or at least under their close supervision. This means subscribers receive insights, stories, and updates that are deeply personal and often not available elsewhere. It’s like receiving a letter from a friend, filled with tidbits you won’t find on more public platforms.
  2. First to Know: While Amazon sends notifications about new releases, newsletters often give subscribers advance notice about upcoming books, cover reveals, and launch dates. You’re not just informed; you’re in the know.
  3. Exclusive Offers: Many authors reward their loyal newsletter subscribers with special deals, freebies, or bonus content. This might include discounted books, free short stories, or exclusive chapters not included in the main publications.
  4. Direct Interaction: Some authors use their newsletters to engage directly with their readers, answering questions, seeking feedback, or even hosting virtual events. This two-way communication makes readers feel valued and heard.
  5. Beyond the Books: While Amazon focuses on the author’s publications, newsletters can delve into other aspects of the author’s life and interests. This might include writing tips, personal anecdotes, book recommendations, or insights into the author’s creative process.
  6. Avoiding the Algorithm: Relying solely on Amazon’s algorithm can sometimes be hit or miss. Newsletters, on the other hand, provide consistent updates directly to your inbox. There’s no chance of missing out because an algorithm didn’t display the update to you.
  7. Supporting the Author Directly: While following an author on platforms like Amazon is supportive, signing up for their newsletter often feels more personal. Authors know their subscribers are genuinely interested in their work and updates. This direct support can be incredibly motivating and affirming for writers.
  8. Community Building: Newsletters often foster a sense of community among subscribers. Many authors highlight fan reviews, fan-made content, or even initiate book club discussions, making subscribers feel like they’re part of a special club.
  9. Flexibility and Control: With a newsletter, authors have the flexibility to structure their content in ways that best fit their message and their audience’s preferences. They aren’t constrained by platform-specific limitations, allowing for more creativity and personal touch.

In essence, while the convenience and broad scope of Amazon’s “Follow” feature are undeniable, an author’s newsletter offers an unparalleled, intimate connection between writers and their readers. It’s like having a VIP pass into the inner sanctum of the literary world. If you truly cherish an author’s work, diving into their newsletter will often provide a richer, more rewarding experience.

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