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amazon-author-followI’ve had a few readers mention to me that they follow me on social media, but my novel release announcements get lost in the noise. Great news. Amazon implemented a new “Follow” option, and it is totally awesome. When your favorite authors release new books, Amazon sends you notifications so you never miss out.

So how do you sign up?

Just go to the author pages of your favorite writers and click the big “Follow” button below their photo. Boom! You’re in like Flynn.  You’ll receive an email at the account associated with your Amazon registration when the author releases a new book. You can sign up to follow as many authors as you so desire.

While I recommend this new Amazon feature to readers, I also believe the best way to stay in touch with your favorite writers is through their newsletters. You’ll get a more personal touch with an email newsletter, and many writers (myself included) run giveaways and incentives for fans who sign up.

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