Darkwater Cove 4 – Update

With Whispers in the Dark in proofreading mode, I’m already beginning Darkwater Cove #4 – The Vanishing Girl. A lot of readers ask me about my writing process, so here’s a sneak peak behind the curtain.

I begin the writing process with several pages of notes, but I give myself creative freedom to alter the script as I go along. I used to write “by the seat of my pants”, which meant I created the story on the fly. As time passed and my writing developed, I found “story beats” gave me the best combination of production speed, daily creative freedom, and plot cohesion.

Now the fun part starts: facing “the blank page” everyday and filling it with 1000-2000 words.

The Vanishing Girl will hit Amazon mid to late summer.

2 thoughts on “Darkwater Cove 4 – Update

  1. Hi Dan.
    I am near completion of my second book. My working title unfortunately is the same as your latest publication. Whispers in the Dark. My book, also a mystery is not expected to be released until next month. My editor is doing her final look see before we go to print. I am also trying to figure out a cover design. I hate all the BS that goes with the publication process. I would rather write.
    Anyway, if you see ,my book with the same title don’t go ballistic. And dont worry, I won’t steal your thunder. My first book. Tales With a Twist only sold a few hundred copies.
    From your profile you appear to be a pro. I will keep an eye on your book and maybe buy it once I’m caught up with the two books I am editing for friends and I finish the BS with my Whispers in the Dark.

    I wish success on your book.

    1. There are only so many titles to go around, and if you check Amazon, you’ll find title repeated for many books. Don’t worry about it. Keep your manuscript original and you’ll do fine. Best of luck

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