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We’re living in uncertain, frightening times. I hope five years from now I look back at this post, knowing we made it through and our world is more prepared for future crises. But for now we can only do our part to stay safe and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Many of you don’t know where your next paycheck is coming from. And for those of you fortunate to have a steady paycheck, you’re probably looking to save money wherever possible as the world economy inevitably turns down.

You might think I’m self-serving in promoting books as a great entertainment deal, but I put my money where my mouth is. As a family, we’re shuttering many entertainment items such as expensive TV streaming packages and turning to books, where we get far more value.

Let’s get right into the deals I’m taking advantage of.


Kindle Unlimited is an Amazon service that allows you to read an unlimited amount of books every month for only $9.99. Which authors are in the Kindle Unlimited program? Many of your favorites, including J.K. Rowling, Melinda Leigh, Rachel Caine, Dean Koontz, and many more. All my books are included in your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and borrow several books per month. Though I’ve never calculated the savings, I estimate I save between 40% and 60% over the cost of purchasing the books outside of Kindle Unlimited. A wonderful perk is, if you open a book and discover it isn’t what you were looking for, you simply return the book to Kindle Unlimited and download something better. Zero risk.

But let’s talk about another fantastic aspect of Kindle Unlimited—the sheer variety of books available. This isn’t just a few dusty old titles that nobody wants to read; this is an ever-expanding library covering multiple genres and interests.

From bestselling thrillers to obscure indie gems, Kindle Unlimited is like the buffet of the book world. It’s an absolute treasure trove for readers looking to broaden their horizons without breaking the bank. And don’t even get me started on the comics and magazines that are also part of the package. Whether you’re a history buff, a sci-fi enthusiast, or someone who just loves a good romance novel, you’ll find something that tickles your fancy.

Also, let’s not forget the convenience factor here. With Kindle Unlimited, there’s no need to make a trip to the bookstore or library, especially handy during these times when many of us are limiting our outings. The books are available 24/7, and you can read them on multiple devices, not just a Kindle. Got a smartphone, a tablet, or even a computer? You’re good to go. Your entire library can be in your pocket, making it easier than ever to sneak in a few chapters during lunch breaks, while waiting in line, or before bed. So you’re not just saving money with Kindle Unlimited; you’re also saving time and effort, making it an excellent value all around.

And if you sign up today, you get a free one-month trial to decide if Kindle Unlimited is right for you.

Library in your house

public library reading

Ah, the beauty of technology! If you’re one of those folks who still love the feel of a physical book but also want to stay safe at home, guess what? Your local library likely offers digital lending services that let you download books straight to your devices. This is a lifesaver in our current socially-distanced times, but it’s also a fantastic, budget-friendly option for the long haul.

So, how do you get started? First, check if your local library is a part of a digital lending network like OverDrive or Libby. These platforms are incredibly user-friendly and allow you to borrow e-books and audiobooks with just a few taps. All you need is a library card and a free account on one of these platforms. Once that’s set up, you can browse through their digital catalogue, which often includes not just books but also magazines, graphic novels, and even movies sometimes. Found what you want to read? Simply hit “borrow,” and the title will be downloaded straight to your device. Once your lending period is up, the file automatically returns itself, so you don’t have to worry about overdue fees. Easy-peasy!

Another option is to use platforms like Hoopla, which similarly offer a vast array of digital media that you can access for free with your library card. And let’s not forget Project Gutenberg, which offers over 60,000 free e-books that you can download without any membership or fees—perfect for catching up on classics! So yes, your love for books doesn’t have to be put on hold during social distancing; it can actually thrive. With these options, you’ll never run out of new reading material, and you’ll be supporting your local library from the comfort of your home. Win-win!

Chris Fox is a talented fiction writer, but he also pens some of the best how-to books for authors in the business. This week, Chris Fox lowered the cost of all eight books in the Write Faster, Write Smarter series to only 99 cents each. If you’re an author, you can’t pass up this opportunity. Fox’s books are informative, inspiring, and razor-focused.

Self-serving time again. I released books 6 through 10 in the Scarlett Bell thriller series as a box set today for only $6.99. A pretty good deal for five books and several hundred pages of thrills.

Many fellow authors, too many to list, are posting sales every day to help you save a little money. Keep your eyes open on Amazon, and please post in the comments below if you find a great deal.

I can’t stress this enough—books are a fantastic way to escape the current reality without leaving the safety of your home. Whether you’re diving into an epic fantasy world, solving a mystery, or getting lost in a romance, books have this magical power to transport you somewhere else entirely. Plus, they don’t require a monthly subscription, internet access, or electricity (during daylight hours, at least). You can even borrow e-books or audiobooks from your local library without stepping a foot outside. That’s entertainment that’s not only enriching but also easy on the wallet.

And let’s be real, we’re all going through a tough time emotionally and mentally. Books aren’t just a form of escapism; they can also be a tool for self-improvement or mental well-being. From self-help books to powerful memoirs, to even DIY guides, reading can offer comfort, inspiration, and invaluable advice on how to navigate these challenging times.

Even if you’re not an avid reader, there’s never been a better moment to pick up the habit. With the sheer diversity in genres and formats—be it print, e-books, or audiobooks—there’s something out there for everyone. So let’s make the most of social distancing by enriching our minds and souls with a good read. It’s a win-win all around.

That’s it for today. Please stay safe and healthy.

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