Full Moon Nightmares Horror Box Set Released

Full Moon Nightmares horror box set

The Full Moon Nightmares Horror box set is available for download for Amazon Kindle devices!

Full Moon Nightmares is a compilation box set of my first three novels – Storberry, The Island, and Dark Vanishings I. Over 550 pages of horror are contained in this digital compilation at a significant discount over purchasing all three novels separately. If you are looking for the best way to catch up on my titles, Full Moon Nightmares is a great place to start.

Here is what you get in this special release horror box set:

Dark Vanishings: Episode One

What would you do if almost everyone on earth disappeared? Where would would you go? What choices would you make?


On a May afternoon, people awaken to find themselves alone in their towns, their neighbors mysteriously vanished. A teenage girl harboring a horrible secret flees across the country from a deranged stalker. A Florida man moves into a luxurious amusement park resort, where he meets a beautiful woman. But they are not alone in the resort. A young man with an addiction to fast cars and power clashes with a bounty hunter.

In a lost world where rules no longer exist, the remaining survivors struggle to stay alive, trying to unravel the mystery of the world’s disappearance.

“Dark Vanishings” by Dan Padavona is a post-apocalyptic horror series that plunges readers into a world where people suddenly and inexplicably vanish. Padavona masterfully weaves a tapestry of fear, uncertainty, and suspense as he portrays a world rapidly descending into chaos. The sudden disappearances are not discriminative, taking people from all walks of life, leaving behind empty clothes and a world in disarray. As the narrative unfolds, readers are faced with the unnerving realization that the survivors might be in as much danger as those who vanished, if not more. The tale is as much about the darkness of the human soul as it is about the mysterious disappearances, echoing the notion that, in times of crisis, humanity’s true nature comes to the fore.

Padavona’s writing style is gripping, characterized by its rich descriptions and intricate character development. In “Dark Vanishings”, he crafts a haunting atmosphere that permeates every page, making the terror feel palpable. The world he envisions is bleak and dystopian, but it’s the reactions of the remaining humans that add layers of complexity to the story. Trust becomes a luxury, and survival becomes a brutal game, as those left behind grapple with their new reality. Padavona’s portrayal of the remnants of humanity and their struggle against both external threats and their inner demons makes “Dark Vanishings” a standout in the realm of post-apocalyptic horror fiction.

dark vanishings full moon nightmares

Do you like “The Stand”, “The Wheel of Time”, and “Carrie”? Then you will love Dark Vanishings!

“Dark Vanishings” by Dan Padavona and “The Stand” by Stephen King, while distinct in their narrative approach and specific elements, both delve into post-apocalyptic worlds where the remnants of humanity grapple with profound existential and moral dilemmas. Padavona’s tale is steeped in horror and mystery, with individuals inexplicably vanishing, leaving a wake of fear and suspicion among the survivors.

King’s “The Stand,” on the other hand, deals with a world decimated by a deadly virus and the ensuing battle between good and evil. Despite their different triggers for the apocalypse — mysterious disappearances versus a lethal pandemic — both novels explore the resilience and fragility of the human spirit, the nature of evil, and the choices people make when the fabric of society unravels. These shared themes highlight the universal fears and challenges that arise when confronting the end of the world as we know it.

Storberry: Vampire Horror

Haunted by childhood demons, Evan Moran returns to Storberry, Virginia, to find a greater evil threatens the town. Teenager Jen Barrows is frightened by the strange noises coming from her garage crawlspace after nightfall, despite the assurances of friend Tom Kingsley that there is nothing to fear.

When a strange storm cripples the town’s communication systems, something hideous begins stalking the people of Storberry. Tom and Jen align themselves with Evan, and a tiny group of survivors who suspect the horrible truth behind the evil loose in the night. Together they must overcome personal tragedy and find a way to survive until sunrise.

In the darkest pit of night, before the faintest strip of blood red is on the eastern horizon, it seems the sun will never again rise in Storberry.

“Storberry” by Dan Padavona is a masterful blend of horror and suspense, taking readers on a spine-chilling journey to the small town of Storberry, Virginia. The town, with its quaint charm and seemingly innocuous inhabitants, soon becomes the setting for a series of sinister events. As night falls, malevolent creatures emerge from the shadows, their presence linked to a dark, ancient force that has awakened. Padavona adeptly crafts an atmosphere of mounting dread, where the line between reality and nightmare becomes increasingly blurred. The narrative is a homage to classic horror, reminiscent of the way Stephen King depicts small-town America, yet with Padavona’s unique twist and voice.

storberry vampires

Throughout “Storberry,” Padavona demonstrates his prowess in character development and atmospheric storytelling. The characters are intricately crafted, with their personal struggles and fears intertwining with the overarching terror that befalls the town. This adds layers of depth to the narrative, making the horror not just about the external threats but also about the internal battles each individual faces. The eerie landscapes, combined with the visceral descriptions of the Night Crawlers, create a gripping tale that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. “Storberry” is a testament to Padavona’s ability to evoke both fear and empathy, drawing readers into the heart of the darkness while also highlighting the resilience of the human spirit.

The Island

A man and his son lost at sea take refuge on an uncharted island. As they struggle to find a way back to civilization, they discover disturbing sights: colossal webs that stretch across whole sections of jungle canopy, lack of insect life, and within a strange cave, an undiscovered, terrifying breed of spider. If spiders unsettle you, this story will have you squirming through the finale.

One Autumn in Kane Grove

Someone is stalking the dark passages of Kane Grove University, murdering its women. When the murdered disappear from their graves, some of the students whisper the word, “vampire”. Is something supernatural responsible for the grisly killings? Short and sweet, this foreboding tale has a chilling ending. Read it with the lights low.

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