Her Last Breath: Bestselling Psychological Thriller hits Audiobook

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Dan Padavona’s top-selling psychological thriller, Her Last Breath, is available on audiobook from Audible, iTunes, Google Play, Scribd, Chirp, and all your favorite audiobook retailers.

Daniela Acitelli provides a gripping narration, giving new blood to Her Last Breath, the first novel in the Wolf Lake psychological thriller series. Preview the first audiobook for free on YouTube.

He’s hunting a psychopath. And now the killer wants him dead.

After he’s shot in the line of duty, Detective Thomas Shepherd returns to Wolf Lake to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Living beside the water, he finds peace…until the body of a missing woman washes up on his shore and the town blames a teenage boy with a history of violence. Is a killer stalking the sleepy resort village?

Thomas isn’t convinced the teenager committed murder. Challenging a village that wants justice at any cost, he pursues the real killer as evidence mounts against the teenager. If he fails, an innocent boy will go to prison.

Can Thomas clear the boy’s name before he becomes the killer’s next victim?

Audiobook Release of “Her Last Breath”

The heart-pounding world of serial killer fiction is about to take an exhilarating auditory turn with the upcoming audiobook release of “Her Last Breath”, the enthralling first book in the Wolf Lake thriller series by renowned author Dan Padavona.

Her Last Breath weaves a haunting tale of a near-death survivor and LAPD detective, Thomas Shepherd, who carries a unique perspective into his investigations, thanks to his Asperger’s syndrome. The intricacy of the plot deepens as Shepherd tries to rebuild his life in Wolf Lake, only to find himself enmeshed in a gruesome murder mystery. As headless corpses begin to surface, the burning question emerges: Is a cunning psychopath tormenting the quiet village?

Boasting over 10,000 four and five-star reviews on Amazon, the Wolf Lake series has quickly become a staple for fans seeking tense narratives sprinkled with surprising twists. What sets the series apart is its potent blend of dark, bone-chilling narratives layered with undercurrents of redemption, resilience, friendship, and love.

Padavona’s literary craftsmanship has been lauded for its skill in echoing the mastery of acclaimed authors like Lisa Gardner, Karin Slaughter, Dean Koontz, and the brilliance behind the Hannibal Lecter novels, Thomas Harris. Her Last Breath has particularly been hailed as “…a wonderfully entertaining, all-too-believable crime-thriller that will keep you reading all night until the end.”

The release of this audiobook promises not only an enthralling storyline but also an immersive auditory experience. As fans of the series and newcomers alike await the drop, one thing is clear: the resonance of Shepherd’s tale will find a new dimension in this format. Whether you’re a veteran to the unsettling corners of Wolf Lake or just setting foot into its eerie realms, strap in for a spine-tingling ride.

Mark your calendars and prepare to be swept into a world where chilling mysteries meet profound tales of human connection. The Wolf Lake series and, in particular, Her Last Breath promises to redefine how we experience thriller audiobooks. A masterpiece not just to be read, but now, to be heard.

A Groundbreaking Hero: Celebrating Representation in Thriller Fiction

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In a world where representation and inclusivity are making headway, yet still often found lacking in literature, Dan Padavona’s creation of Thomas Shepherd, a heroic protagonist with Asperger’s syndrome, is a breath of fresh air. This step towards a more inclusive narrative is not only commendable but is also a testament to Padavona’s commitment to breaking the molds of conventional thriller protagonists.

Breaking Stereotypes

Detective fiction and thrillers have a storied tradition of heroes with unique quirks, but these quirks often romanticize or sensationalize issues without truly understanding them. In contrast, Padavona’s portrayal of Thomas Shepherd doesn’t just include Asperger’s as a character trait, but rather weaves it into the core of the narrative. It’s not an afterthought or a mere plot device; it’s central to understanding Shepherd’s motivations, actions, and worldview.

Realistic Representation

What sets Shepherd apart in the vast sea of thriller protagonists is his authentic representation. Asperger’s syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder, manifests differently in different people. While popular media often either exaggerates or overly simplifies the symptoms, Padavona meticulously crafts a character who faces challenges due to his condition, yet is never defined solely by it. Shepherd is as complex, layered, and nuanced as any other human being.

Empowerment through Narrative

By placing a character with Asperger’s at the heart of his thriller series, Padavona empowers readers who identify with this syndrome and broadens the understanding of those unfamiliar with it. It is a powerful reminder that heroes come in various forms and that each individual, irrespective of their neurotype, has a story worth telling and hearing.

A Beacon for Inclusivity

Dan Padavona’s decision to introduce such a character is more than a literary choice; it is a bold statement in favor of inclusivity. In doing so, he has not only contributed to diminishing the stigma surrounding neurodivergent conditions but has also elevated the discourse around representation in literature.

A Step Forward

With Thomas Shepherd, Padavona has given the literary world a memorable, relatable, and truly human hero, pushing boundaries in the thriller genre. As more authors recognize the importance of diverse representation and follow suit, we can only hope that the literary landscape will become richer, more varied, and much more inclusive.

Dan Padavona’s endeavor to represent a character with Asperger’s syndrome as the central figure in his thrillers is more than commendable. It is a significant stride in the ongoing march toward better representation in literature, proving that heroes can be found in all walks of life, each with their own unique strengths, challenges, and stories.

Daniela Acitelli: The Voice Behind Powerful Female Protagonists

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In the realm of audiobook narration, Daniela Acitelli stands as a towering figure, creating waves with her rich, velvety voice that seems to effortlessly bring powerful female protagonists to life. With a portfolio boasting over 200 titles and a vocal signature that many describe as “smoky” yet captivating, Acitelli is a force to be reckoned with.

Born and raised in the United States, with the distinction of being a dual citizen of the UK, Acitelli finds solace in both California and London. This dual heritage and global exposure permeate her narrations, offering an intricate blend of diverse accents and cultural nuances. With a fully equipped home studio, she collaborates with publishing giants like Tantor Audio, Hachette–Bookouture, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, and Dreamscape, taking audiobook enthusiasts on enthralling journeys with each narration.

However, Acitelli is not just a narrator; she’s a storyteller. Trained classically in acting, her foundation in the Stanislavski technique is evident in her articulate performances. Incorporating elements from the Strasberg Method and the Meisner approach, her background equips her with a nuanced understanding of her characters, making her narrations even more compelling. And let’s not forget her unique stint as a trained Red Nose Clown and her years on stage in theatre, cabaret, and burlesque. These experiences have armed her with a unique ability to connect deeply with her texts and maintain the vibrant energy essential for captivating narrations.

Yet, the sun doesn’t set on Daniela’s talents after her daytime narration. By night, she transforms into the charming host of the quirky YouTube show, ‘The Narrator’s Cup of Joe’. With an ever-bubbling energy, she invites quirky personalities from the audiobook realm, unraveling the tales and trials behind the microphone. The show, loved for its insightful interviews and Daniela’s own brand of humor, has become a favorite for those curious about the world behind audiobook productions.

In conclusion, Daniela Acitelli is more than just a narrator. She’s an artist, performer, interviewer, and above all, a passionate storyteller. Whether she’s narrating a tale of intrigue or interviewing a fellow narrator on her YouTube show, one thing remains constant – her dedication to her craft and her unparalleled ability to connect with her audience. The audiobook world is richer with her voice, and we eagerly await each new story she decides to tell.

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