Manage Your Kindle Content and Books

Ready to learn how to easily manage your Kindle content and books without having to email documents to each of your Kindle devices?

Maybe you just got a new Kindle. Perhaps you mistakenly deleted a book and want it back. Or maybe you want to send a few of your favorite books to your phone so you can read them with a Kindle app.

Whatever the reason, we often need to download previously purchased books to our Kindles. Fortunately, it’s easy. In today’s post, I’ll show you how to download content from the cloud to your Kindle using the Amazon website, while remembering that you can also retrieve your books from the cloud using your Kindle.

First, visit the Amazon website and sign in to your account. Near the top of the screen, choose Manage Kindle Content and Devices.


A list of books will appear, any of which you can choose to send to your Kindle reader, phone, computer, etc. In my case, you can see that I love to read Jack Ketchum, Kealan Patrick Burke, Thomas Harris, Dawn Lee McKenna, and some writer named Dan Padavona. Eh-hem.

manage your Kindle content and books

Choose the book you wish to send to your device by clicking on the button indicated by the arrow. Clicking causes the book to pop up, along with download and delivery choices. Choose “Deliver.”

Finally, choose a device to send your book to, and you’re done.

Easy, isn’t it?

Of course, Amazon also makes it easy to email documents to your Kindle, but I’ve found manually transferring by USB to be quicker and more reliable.

And that’s how you manage your Kindle content and books via USB. I hope you found this article useful.

If you’re deciding if you should purchase a Kindle, or if your phone, computer, or tablet is good enough, I lay out the pros and cons of each advice in this article.

2 thoughts on “Manage Your Kindle Content and Books

    1. Hello Helyn,

      Press the Home icon on your Kindle so that it lists all your books. When you see the book you wish to delete, touch the book icon on the screen and hold your finger there until a menu pops up. One of the options is “Remove from Device.” That will delete the book from your Kindle. Hope that helps.

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