The Lisa Jackson Guide: Read her Books in Order

Lisa Jackson books in order

I can almost sense the shared thrill in the air. If there’s one name that gives me the chills, it’s Lisa Jackson. Not everyone can concoct such tantalizing tales that keep us awake, reading past midnight, ignoring the ever-present threat of tomorrow’s dark circles. But Jackson? She’s mastered it. But because she boasts a huge catalog of stories, it’s important we have a list so we can read her books in order.

Diving into Lisa Jackson’s stories is akin to getting on the most unpredictable roller coaster ride. You know there will be twists, you anticipate the turns, and yet, she always manages to catch you off guard, ensuring the adrenaline rush never wanes. Whether it’s a creaky door, a fleeting shadow, or the tension between characters, her storytelling prowess is nothing short of spellbinding.

There’s a certain pleasure in reading books in order. Not just because it satisfies our inner organized souls, but because witnessing the evolution of characters, the unfolding of intricate plots, and catching those tiny yet significant details is the real thrill. It’s like assembling a puzzle where every piece is vital, and by the end, you’re left with a masterpiece that you can’t help but admire.

Read These Series in Order

  1. The New Orleans Series:
    • Hot Blooded: Our foray into Lisa’s world starts with this heart-stopping tale set against the picturesque yet eerie backdrop of New Orleans. Detectives Rick Bentz and Reuben Montoya tackle a case that sends shivers down the spine.
    • Cold Blooded: If you thought ‘Hot Blooded’ was a wild ride, hold onto your hats! We delve deeper into the bayous, where dark secrets float just below the surface.
    • And as the series progresses, every book feels like another haunting melody played on a lone piano in an empty French Quarter lounge.
  2. The Montana Series:
    • Left to Die: Ah, Montana! Majestic mountains, vast forests, and… a cold-blooded kidnapper? Jackson introduces us to Detectives Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli in a chase against time in the freezing Montana wilderness.
    • Chosen to Die: The ante is upped as we further delve into the dark psyche of a relentless killer. Alvarez and Pescoli are back, and things are about to get even frostier.
    • The series continues, proving that even in the serenity of nature, darkness lurks.
  3. The San Francisco Series:
    • If She Only Knew: Trust me, you’ll feel the chills as soon as you start. Memory loss, a baffling mystery, and a sinister secret; this book is Jackson at her thrilling best.
    • Almost Dead: Family feuds, chilling secrets, and a past that refuses to stay buried. Cissy Cahill’s world is about to spiral into chaos, and we’re all here for this gripping journey.
  4. The To Die Series:
    • Born to Die: The picturesque Bitterroot Valley in Montana becomes the backdrop for a series of unnerving incidents. Is it coincidence or cold-blooded murder? Dive in to find out.
    • Afraid to Die: The cold of Montana is back, and with it comes a killer that leaves no trails. Can our detectives catch him before it’s too late?
    • And oh boy, just when you think you’ve seen all the twists, Jackson takes another sharp turn, making this series an exhilarating roller-coaster.

Standalone Novels and Gems to Read in Order

Lisa Jackson books

Lest we forget the standalone novels by Lisa Jackson – each a gem in its own right. These are the books that, like that unexpected dish at your favorite restaurant, manage to surprise and delight in equal measure.

  1. See How She Dies:
    • Whispers, doppelgangers, and a family secret – this book is like a haunted waltz in an old ballroom, and you’re never sure which reflection in the mirror is the real one.
  2. The Morning After:
    • The city of Portland will never look the same after you dive into this. When victims with striking similarities start turning up, the whole town is held hostage by fear. Cue the tense music.
  3. Final Scream:
    • The title isn’t kidding. A blend of old grudges, new murders, and a town with a memory longer than its shadow. By the end, you’ll indeed let out a scream – partly in fear, partly in awe of Jackson’s storytelling prowess.
  4. Running Scared:
    • This one’s like a spiderweb – delicate, intricate, and deadly. It’s a tale of two women, a child, and the past that binds them. Warning: you might end up peeking over your shoulder after this one!
  5. Without Mercy:
    • Dark woods, missing students, and a school with secrets. This book feels like that recurring nightmare that you can’t shake off but can’t help being intrigued by.
  6. Whispers:
    • Can love transcend time and death? Before you think this is a soppy romance, hold on! It’s Jackson, so expect chills, ghosts, and a love story like no other.
  7. Your Next Breath:
    • Ah, revenge – cold and relentless. Jackson crafts a tale of a killer who’s settling scores, one breath at a time. This isn’t just a thriller; it’s a race against time.

While Lisa Jackson has graced us with numerous books, these standalone titles hold a special place in my heart. It’s like meeting a stranger in a train, sharing tales for a few hours, and parting ways, the stories lingering long after.

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Anthologies and Collaborations

There’s an indescribable magic when a brilliant mind collaborates with another or even several. For a writer as prolific as Lisa Jackson, it’s no surprise that she has ventured beyond her standalone and series territories into the diverse land of anthologies and collaborations. These treasures give us a glimpse of Jackson’s range and her ability to shine even when she’s just one of the stars in the constellation.

  1. Beach Season:
  • Sun, sand, secrets, and suspense – this anthology is a cocktail of emotions. Lisa Jackson teams up with other notable writers to craft stories that are as unpredictable as the ocean waves. The contrast between the serene setting and the thrilling plots is pure genius.
  1. Something Wicked:
  • A collaboration that truly lives up to its name! Jackson joins forces in this anthology, weaving tales that remind us of the wickedness that lurks just beneath the surface. If you’ve ever doubted that there’s a dark side to every story, this anthology will make you think again.
  1. MatchUp:
  • What happens when top thriller writers collaborate? You get a powerhouse anthology like MatchUp. Lisa Jackson’s contribution here is both haunting and memorable. Each story is a dance of two writers, and it’s electrifying to witness.
  1. Sinister and Ominous (with Nancy Bush and Rosalind Noonan):
  • This duo of anthologies is a family affair! Jackson collaborates with her sister, Nancy Bush, and fellow thriller writer Rosalind Noonan. The results? Stories that are both sinister and ominous, as the titles suggest. Delving into themes of family secrets and buried sins, these tales are bound to keep you up at night.
  1. Dark and Deadly (with Beverly Barton and Wendy Corsi Staub):
  • Three queens of thrillers come together for this anthology, each bringing their signature touch. Dark tales of obsession, revenge, and love gone wrong await readers in this collection. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration.

Each story, each collaboration, brings with it its own set of twists and turns.

Before we wrap up, I’ve got a few golden nuggets for you: recommendations on authors who give off that tantalizing Lisa Jackson vibe, and a couple of platforms where you can share, discuss, and rave about your latest Jackson read.

Bonus: Authors Similar to Lisa Jackson

authors like Lisa Jackson

If Lisa Jackson’s tales keep you up at night, you’re in for a treat. Discover these authors, who, like Jackson, know just how to play puppeteer with our deepest fears.

Karen Rose:
Notable Works: “Don’t Tell,” “Have You Seen Her?”

  • With a style that intricately weaves romance into nail-biting suspense, Rose’s books are a labyrinth of emotions, ensuring readers are gripped from the first page to the last.

Nancy Bush:
Must-Read: “Nowhere to Run,” “Jealousy”

  • It’s not just the family ties with Jackson that make Nancy Bush a standout; her novels, too, are a tantalizing dance between suspense and dark romance.

Mary Burton:
Key Books: “I’m Watching You,” “Before She Dies”

  • Burton’s tales are a masterclass in tension-building. She crafts characters that stick with you, and her plots are as twisty as they come.

Tami Hoag:
Standouts: “Night Sins,” “The 9th Girl”

  • If you’re after a deep dive into the psychology of crime, Hoag’s your go-to. Her character-driven tales unravel the darkest corners of the human mind.

Wendy Corsi Staub:
Notables: “The Black Widow,” “Live to Tell”

  • Staub’s stories often orbit around haunting pasts, simmering secrets, and the ominous shadows they cast on the present. A journey into her world isn’t just thrilling; it’s chilling.

Kendra Elliot:
Must-Read: “A Merciful Death,” “Buried”

  • Combining small-town atmospheres with big-time suspense, Elliot’s tales are like ticking time bombs of tension, waiting to explode.

Cynthia Eden:
Key Books: “Die for Me,” “After the Dark”

  • Eden’s tales are a buffet of dark romance, suspense, and mystery. They’re seductively creepy, making them a perfect read for those who like their thrillers with a touch of the forbidden.

Each of these authors brings a unique flair to the thriller genre, but they all share a knack for gripping storytelling. If Lisa Jackson’s tales have left an indelible mark on your thriller-loving soul, these authors will carve out a space right beside her.

Which author will you read next?

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