Dusk Corners: A New Serial Killer Thriller

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Dusk Corners, the latest serial killer thriller from Dan Padavona, releases on Amazon on December 27.

This gripping suspense thriller follows vigilante killer, Logan Wolf, a former Behavioral Analysis Unit profiler pushed over the edge after his wife’s murder.

Long-time readers first met Logan Wolf in the Scarlett Bell series. Now the fugitive killer returns in his own series, and the author promises you’ll encounter a few familiar faces, including those of Scarlett Bell and Agent Neil Gardy.

Dusk Corners will be the first in a proposed series of full-length novels, titled The Logan and Scarlett Thriller series. The first book is Padavona’s darkest to date, weaving FBI mystery elements with dark suspense reminiscent of the author’s horror novels.

Preview of “Dusk Corners” – Unraveling Shadows in Logan and Scarlett Series

Set against the stark and eerie backdrop of West Texas, “Dusk Corners” promises readers a dive into a suspense-laden narrative where every shadow hides a secret, and trust is as rare as a moonlit night. Former BAU profiler, Logan Wolf, once revered for his unmatched skills, now finds himself on the other side of the law. Haunted by personal tragedy and driven by a thirst for justice, Wolf morphs from the hunter to the hunted, eluding the very institution he once served, all while chasing the ghosts of the nation’s deadliest criminals.

The unsettling vanishing act of a young college student and her boyfriend in the town of Dusk Corners reignites Wolf’s suspicions about the notorious Devil’s Rock killer. Taking on a risky guise as the girl’s concerned uncle, Wolf ventures into the heart of this desolate town, only to find himself ensnared in a web of distrust, especially from a wary local sheriff. With the FBI hot on his trail and the clock ticking, Wolf is plunged into a race against time, not just to solve the case but to confront a malevolent force that may surpass all his previous encounters. “Dusk Corners” beckons readers into a world where danger doesn’t just lurk in the dark alleys but in the very hearts of its inhabitants.

Logan Wolf: A Symphony of Shadows and Retribution in Padavona’s Thriller Series

Among the many memorable figures in thriller literature, Dan Padavona’s Logan Wolf occupies a space shadowed by both brilliance and torment. The leading man in the Logan and Scarlett series, Wolf is an orchestra of dichotomies, each note striking a chord that resonates with suspense, pain, and relentless pursuit.

In the grand theaters of criminal profiling, Logan Wolf once stood as the BAU’s virtuoso, crafting profiles that pierced the darkest recesses of the human psyche. His skills were unparalleled, his reputation pristine. Yet, beneath the methodical exterior lay a tumultuous sea, especially after a serial killer’s malevolent act plucked away the love of his life. This single tragic note altered the symphony of his existence, causing a harmony of justice-seeking to shift into a melody of vengeance.

Retreating into the shadows, Wolf’s transformation into a vigilante fugitive symbolizes the thin line between law and justice, morality and retribution. His descent into this twilight realm is not just personal; it’s a journey into the heart of darkness, where he confronts the very monsters he once chased behind a badge. The captivating element of Wolf’s character lies in this duality: he remains the hunter, seeking out the nation’s most nefarious criminals, but he is also the hunted, constantly eluding the prying eyes of the FBI.

His interactions, especially in the town of Dusk Corners, offer readers a mirror into the depths of his soul. Every challenge he faces, every shadow he confronts, and every decision he makes paints a portrait of a man who, despite being entangled in a web of darkness, is on a relentless quest for light – whether that light is justice, redemption, or personal peace.

As Dan Padavona’s ink crafts Logan Wolf’s journey, readers are gifted with a character both profound and deeply human. Wolf is not just a former BAU profiler or a fugitive; he is a testament to the complexities of the human heart, torn between duty and personal vendetta, light and shadow. As the series progresses, one can only anticipate the next note in Logan Wolf’s haunting symphony.

Scarlett Bell: The Luminous Beacon in Padavona’s Dark World

Scarlett Bell FBI artwork

In a literary landscape often dominated by antiheroes and morally ambiguous figures, Scarlett Bell, the co-protagonist in Dan Padavona’s enthralling Logan and Scarlett series, emerges as a beacon of dedication, integrity, and determination. Through her unwavering pursuit of truth and her deep-seated conviction, Bell stands as a counterpoint to the shadows, offering readers a glimmer of hope even in the most harrowing circumstances.

Scarlett’s golden locks and piercing blue eyes serve as more than just physical descriptors. They metaphorically represent her clarity of vision and her ability to shine light on the most convoluted of mysteries. As a seasoned FBI agent and a proficient BAU serial killer profiler, Bell exemplifies the tenacity required to delve into the human psyche’s darkest corners, dissecting motives and predicting moves with an almost uncanny accuracy. Yet, beneath the professional veneer lies a character rich in depth and emotion. Her interactions with Logan Wolf, especially, underscore a fascinating dance of trust, doubt, and undeniable connection.

Dusk Corners West Texas

While Wolf’s story is one of personal vendetta and shadowy existence, Scarlett’s journey is a tribute to unwavering duty. Her commitment to the truth remains steadfast, even when faced with challenges that threaten to obscure her path. But Bell isn’t just a one-dimensional embodiment of righteousness. Dan Padavona masterfully adds layers to her character by interspersing moments of vulnerability with her snarky wit, making her relatable and real. This juxtaposition of strength and fragility, humor and seriousness, paints a picture of a modern woman navigating a world filled with complexities and ambiguities.

In Scarlett Bell, readers find not just an investigator but a symbol of hope, resilience, and undying spirit. Through every twist and turn of the series, she serves as a reminder of the power of perseverance and the enduring nature of justice. As the narrative unfolds, Scarlett’s journey promises to be one of growth, challenges, and revelations, making her an indispensable anchor in Padavona’s dark yet compelling world.

Order your copy today and receive Dusk Corners as soon as it releases on December 27.

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