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So you want to download a new book and want to read Kindle books for free.

Why pay for a new Kindle?

Good news. You don’t have to.

If you already own a personal computer, a smart phone, an iPad, or a tablet, you already have everything you need to begin reading Amazon Kindle books for free. Purchasing an actual Kindle is optional. All you have to do is download free apps direct from Amazon to turn your computer, smart phone, or tablet into an e-reader.

Why Read Kindle Books?

Thousands of Kindle books are available to read for free, while countless more are offered for considerably less than their print prices. Here is a cost comparison of Kindle book prices and corresponding print prices for noted horror author, Stephen King, as of July of 2023:

Stephen King (7/16/2023)PrintKindle
Revival: A Novel$17.00$12.99
The Bazaar of Bad Dreams$30.00$14.99
The Shining$7.99$1.99
The Long Walk$7.99$5.70
A Good Marriage$14.99$4.99

Indie e-books are an even better deal. Check out the difference between print and Kindle e-book prices for independent horror author, J Thorn:

Shadow Witch$7.99FREE
The Law of Three$8.99$3.99
Demons Within$8.99$3.99

A Kindle stocked with a few hundred novels is considerably easier to store and transport than a few hundred paperbacks or hardcovers, and there are no shipping costs or out of stock delays to deal with when you purchase an e-book.

Advantages of Kindle Books Over Traditional Print

read Kindle books for free

The transition from print to digital has been a transformative journey for literature, and at the forefront of this shift stands the Kindle. Amazon’s e-reader has ushered in a new era of reading, offering an alternative to traditional print books. While both have their merits, Kindle books come with a set of advantages that cater to the contemporary reader. Let’s dive into some of these benefits.

Portability and Storage:
A single Kindle device can store thousands of books, eliminating the need for physical space and making it especially handy for avid readers. It’s also lightweight, ensuring you can carry an entire library in your bag, ideal for traveling or daily commuting.

Adjustable Text Size and Fonts:
Kindle allows readers to customize text size, font style, and background color. This is a boon for those with visual impairments or specific reading preferences. Such adaptability can enhance the reading experience significantly, something that’s impossible with print.

Instant Access:
Eager to start a new book? With Kindle, you don’t have to wait for a delivery or visit a bookstore. You can browse, purchase, and download a book instantly, diving into a new story within minutes.

E-books often cost less than their printed counterparts due to the absence of printing and distribution costs. Plus, there are frequent sales, deals, and a vast number of classics available for free, making Kindle reading often more wallet-friendly.

Environmental Impact:
Digital books reduce the need for paper, which in turn reduces the number of trees cut down for paper production. Additionally, the environmental impact of transporting physical books is eliminated, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint.

Built-In Dictionary and Features:
While reading on a Kindle, you can instantly look up a word’s definition, translate phrases, or even highlight and make notes without defacing a physical book. These interactive features can significantly enrich the reading experience, especially for students or those reading non-fiction.

Adjustable Lighting:
Many Kindle models come with built-in adjustable lighting, allowing readers to comfortably read in various lighting conditions, be it in the bright sunlight or in a dark room.

Sync Across Devices:
The Whispersync feature allows readers to pick up where they left off across multiple devices. So, you can start reading on your Kindle and continue on your smartphone or tablet without missing a beat.

While traditional print books offer a tactile satisfaction and nostalgic value that many readers cherish, there’s no denying the convenience and adaptability of Kindle books. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just someone looking for a more versatile reading experience, Kindle presents a compelling case for the future of reading. It’s not about replacing the classic print book but about expanding the avenues through which literature can be enjoyed.

woman reading kindle ebook

Growth Trends and Market Share of Kindle Books

In the past decade, the e-book industry, with Kindle leading the charge, has witnessed significant growth. According to reports, e-book sales, particularly on the Kindle platform, experienced a surge in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Amazon, which has been tight-lipped about exact numbers, has consistently reported year-on-year growth in Kindle book sales. By 2020, it was estimated that Kindle held a dominant share of the e-book market, dwarfing most competitors.

The expansive ecosystem Amazon offers, from the Kindle device itself to the Kindle Unlimited subscription service, has played a crucial role in this domination. Furthermore, industry analysts predict that as technology continues to weave itself deeper into our daily lives and as digital natives become a larger segment of the global consumer base, the shift towards e-books is likely to continue. While there has been some stabilization and resurgence in print book sales in certain regions, the convenience and adaptability of Kindle books ensure they maintain a robust position in the broader landscape of literary consumption.

Get Started Now

To take advantage of the convenience and low cost of Amazon Kindle e-books without the overhead of purchasing a Kindle, choose your favorite existing device and download Amazon’s free apps. Many of my friends and colleagues prefer to read Kindle books e-books on their tablets and phones and say it’s a great way to enjoy books. You probably have your phone or tablet with you most of the time anyhow, so why not read books with your existing devices?

For fans of Nook and Kobo, free apps also exist to read their e-books.

Still have questions? Feel free to post below, or join our Facebook group. Have a great day, and keep reading!

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