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full moon nightmares horror box set

fullmoon-boxset-384Great news!

Full Moon Nightmares, the 3-book digital horror box set by Dan Padavona, is now on sale for the ridiculous price of $0.99.

This Kindle Countdown Sale, exclusive to Amazon.com, runs through Monday, September 28.

Full Moon Nightmares includes episode one of the acclaimed Dark Vanishings series, The Island, and the frightening vampire horror novel which started Dan Padavona’s writing career, Storberry.

Full Moon Nightmares is nearly 600 pages of terror. Grab this digital box set while it is on sale!

Storberry: Breathing New Life into Vampire Horror

Vampire tales, one of the most enduring sub-genres in horror, have seen numerous transformations throughout literary history. From the erotic and mysterious charm of “Dracula” to the romantic allure of “Twilight”, every generation experiences a redefinition of these ancient creatures. Enter Dan Padavona’s “Storberry”, a modern vampire tale that has reinjected raw horror into the mythos of the blood-sucking undead. But how exactly does “Storberry” manage to rejuvenate the over-saturated world of vampire narratives? Let’s delve into its revitalizing aspects.

A Return to Roots:

Vampires, in many modern interpretations, have been romanticized or toned down, often portrayed as tragic or misunderstood figures. Padavona, however, returns to the more primordial, terrifying vision of vampires. The creatures in “Storberry” are merciless predators, bringing the narrative back to its horror roots, and reminding readers of the genuine fear that these creatures can evoke.

The Setting: Small-Town Horror:

Much of contemporary vampire fiction is set against sprawling urban landscapes or historical backdrops. “Storberry”, set in the small, isolated town of the same name, taps into the fear of the known being invaded by the unknown. This insidious creep of horror in familiar surroundings intensifies the story’s impact, reminding readers of classics like Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot.

Reinvented Mythology:

While “Storberry” pays homage to traditional vampire lore, Padavona isn’t afraid to tweak the rules. By blending established vampire traits with his unique twists, he ensures the story feels both familiar and fresh. This delicate balance between old and new revitalizes the genre and keeps readers on their toes.

gory horror scene

A Focus on Humanity:

At the heart of the best horror tales is a genuine reflection of human nature. “Storberry” doesn’t merely rely on its supernatural elements to terrify. It digs deep into the psyche of its characters, exploring how they react under extreme circumstances. This focus on humanity, on personal battles and moral dilemmas, amplifies the external horror, creating a multi-dimensional and deeply engaging narrative.


One of the challenges with vampire fiction is the predictability factor. With so many tales told, how can one surprise a well-versed reader? “Storberry” manages to be unpredictable. Padavona’s pacing, plot twists, and character arcs ensure that the story isn’t just another run-of-the-mill vampire tale, but a gripping horror narrative that keeps readers guessing.

In a world where vampire stories often risk blending into one another, “Storberry” by Dan Padavona stands out as a beacon of originality. It respects its predecessors while carving out its niche, proving that there’s still plenty of life (or undeath) left in vampire fiction. For those yearning for a return to the raw, unfiltered horror of vampire tales, “Storberry” is a refreshing and riveting read.

Dark Vanishings: A Renaissance in Post-Apocalyptic Horror

The post-apocalyptic genre, marked by visions of societal collapse, devastated landscapes, and humanity’s desperate attempts to endure, is no stranger to literary enthusiasts. Yet, like all genres, it needs periodic rejuvenation to remain relevant and engaging. Dan Padavona’s “Dark Vanishings” does precisely this for post-apocalyptic horror. By weaving a harrowing narrative with fresh elements, Padavona not only revitalizes the genre but also reinforces its importance in contemporary literature. Let’s examine how “Dark Vanishings” invigorates post-apocalyptic horror.

A Unique Catastrophe:

While many post-apocalyptic novels focus on nuclear fallout, pandemics, or environmental disasters, “Dark Vanishings” presents an unsettling scenario where people, in vast numbers, simply disappear. This eerie, unexplained mass disappearance adds layers of mystery and dread, diverging from the often straightforward explanations in other apocalyptic tales.

post apocalyptic survivors

Emotional Depths and Human Connection:

Padavona doesn’t just depict an external world in chaos; he delves deep into the internal turmoil of his characters. By focusing on individual stories amidst the global catastrophe, he brings an intimate, human perspective to the vast, often impersonal, apocalyptic backdrop. This personal touch ensures that the story isn’t just about societal collapse, but also about human resilience, fears, and bonds.

An Unyielding Atmosphere of Dread:

“Dark Vanishings” is relentless in maintaining a palpable atmosphere of dread. From the mysterious disappearances to the threats that lurk in the new world order, the narrative constantly keeps readers on edge. This consistency in tone, interspersed with peaks of intense horror, sets it apart in the genre.

Exploration of Societal Constructs:

One of the strengths of post-apocalyptic fiction is its examination of society when established norms collapse. In “Dark Vanishings”, the rapid disintegration of societal structures and the emergence of new, often terrifying, orders offer a profound commentary on human nature and our inherent need for organization, power, and dominance.

A Blend of Genres:

While rooted in post-apocalyptic horror, “Dark Vanishings” borrows elements from other genres, including mystery, thriller, and psychological horror. This genre-blending ensures that the narrative appeals to a broad spectrum of readers and offers varied pacing and tension, making the reading experience multidimensional.

Dan Padavona’s “Dark Vanishings” is more than just another post-apocalyptic tale. It’s a masterclass in tension, character development, and societal commentary. By presenting a fresh take on the end of the world and focusing on the intimate tales of those left behind, Padavona breathes new life into post-apocalyptic horror, ensuring its continued relevance in a world that, at times, feels precariously close to its own tipping points.

A Must-Have for Horror Enthusiasts

“Full Moon Nightmares” is a digital horror box set that promises to be an essential addition to any horror aficionado’s collection. Curated to provide a range of spine-tingling stories that traverse different corners of the horror genre, this collection is perfect for those long, dark nights when only a genuine scare will do. Conveniently available for download, “Full Moon Nightmares” is a testament to the evolving landscape of horror in the digital age, ensuring that readers are always just a click away from their next terrifying adventure. Don’t miss out on this compendium of nightmares; it’s bound to be a favorite on your digital shelf.

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